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Friday, July 22, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Well thank goodness it is still Friday so I have sneaked in on time for FTF. My favourite thing this Friday is the wonderful women I know. Some new friends like MAREE  from on my verandah who I was lucky enough to have a lovely coffee and catchup chat with this morning..... she is very naughty and gave me a beautiful Birthday surprise....I felt very spoilt. There was some beautiful smellies, gorgeous red/white fabric and matching cosmo thread (thinking, thinking) and a very cute teddy card.....oh! so lovely!

My Birthday goodies from Maree
The "OLD" gang
Lauren opening her 'Baky things'
The other friends are from my old life when I got paid a real wage LOL! and before the lure of designing became to strong to ignore. I used to work for many years for a well known pathology company. I grew so much doing this job. I met so many courageous people day after day who taught me some very important life lessons such as how precious your health is and each and every moment of every day is, don't sweat the small stuff and tell Family and Friends how important they are...what you love about them and how special they are. During this time I also made life long friends with a special group of women whose dedication to their jobs and patients is so special indeed. They were a joy to watch in action and their caring natures and crazy sense of humour made my day on many occassions.
One of these special girls has taken a teaching position passing on her knowledge and skills to any excuse for a Mocha and a slab of cheesecake we had a celebration for Lauren with hugs and pressies. Lauren is also a fabulous cook so we bought her 'cooking, baky type' things which obviously they didn't send me out to buy. It could have been ugly! She was so thrilled. Those students will be so lucky to have her and so will we in turn if we have to have a blood test and they were trained by Lauren.
It was so lovely catching up with these girls this arvo and Maree this morning....not to mention the goodies consumed.
If you want to see other Favourite Things today visit SHAY at quilting in my pjamas


  1. How lovely Michelle..... friends are very special

  2. Friends are the best aren't they, they are your choice unlike your family which are forced upon you lol.

  3. So glad you enjoyed a fun day with your friends , you all look happy!

  4. What a nice FTF. Glad you enjoyed yourday. Great to have such friends!

  5. I think that as women we draw so much from our friendships with other women. Often that isnt obvious until we are older when we finally realise life isnt a competition.

    My girlfriends have got me through some of the darkest times of my life..and some of the happiest.

    Glad you have such a great group of girls to hang with.

  6. I see you snuck in a little bit about a birthday surprise, so happy birthday Michelle, am I late or early?
    Friends really are the best.

  7. Great photos. You have some lovely friends :)

  8. What a great favorite. Girlfriends are so important and it looks like you've got a terrific group of friends.

  9. What a wonderful way to spend a Friday in the company of Friends both old and new. Fantastic Favourite - hope lots of you days are filled with special friends.

  10. Happy Birthday! Friends are so great - so a wonderful FTF!

  11. Hello Michelle,

    A very very special post. Hope Lauren makes you all a cheesecake!!!
    Happy days.

  12. What a wonderful way to spend friday. Thanks for sharing. Love the trompe l'oiel (sp?)in the background of The Old Gang. Would make a great quilt!

  13. Happy Birthday! Cant think of a better way to spend a Friday!

  14. Happy Birthday Michelle...xx

  15. Well Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Looks like a lovely day - any day is lovely when spent with friends!


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