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Saturday, July 9, 2011

High Tea with Shay & Lovely Deidre

Because I had a very  BIG! Yummy breakfast with  friends Helen & Deidre this morning I had ''High Tea" by myself. I thought about it long and hard and in the end I still had to choose "Old Country Roses" I went a bit OTT as I have a Quilt (made for me for my 50th Birthday by a friend) and the serviettes in the design...but hey why not. I got out my best gloves, pearls and hankie and I was all set. Sorry there was only one cupcake and I claimed it. You are very welcome to have a Chunky Choc cookie or a chocolate teddy if you wish. And NO! I did not bake!
An "Old Country Roses" Overdose  (I can never have too Much!)
High Tea attire
Put on your best pearls and visit SHAY tomorrow to see who was at her High Tea and got to drink out of her lovely Teacups and I'm sure she did some wonderful baking.
One of the lovely friends I had breakfast with this morning was Deidre who is a wonderful artist and a gorgeous lady to boot. Now anyone who knows me or has followed my blog will know one of the great loves of my life was a darling little black staffy who lived with us until we lost him 2years ago called "Doc" He was cheeky, naughty and his smile could melt your heart. Now staffies are not everyone's cup of tea but I know all you staffy lovers out there will attest to the fact that once you have loved one you are never quite the same. This morning Deidre gave me a beautiful gift....a pastel drawing of our gorgeous boy wearing his very best smile. Needless to say there were tears and hugs and I am so thrilled to have this heartfelt gift as a special reminder of "Doc". It means the ya D!
I often ponder how I got to be this blessed with such loving and thoughtful friends.
Our boy "The Doctor" alias "Doccy Boy"
Michelle xxx


  1. Gosh I thought that was a photograph! That's lovely. Before we got our Jack Russell people told me not to get one as they were nasty snappy little dogs. I am so glad I didn't listen to them, every breed has good and bad, that's a lovely picture to treasure.

  2. ohhh so lovely what a special thing to do,keep this friend Michelle,lol.

  3. What a special momento of your dear Doccy boy. High tea looks gorgeous and no way OTT. I must tell you (confidentially of course) that I sometimes DO breakfast like that with all the bells and whistles just for me. Does that make me eccentric? Gee I hope so.

  4. What a special High Tea , looks just lovely and no way over the top . Your friend is an amazing artist and the painting is wonderful and a great treasure and reminder of Doccy Boy!

  5. That is a lovely table - definitely pearl-worthy! And such a precious gift from your friend, Doc was a handsome fella and that gift is priceless.

  6. What a Precious Gift...I can Only Imagine Your Surprise.. a Lovely Gesture.

  7. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I wish I was sitting with you at your High Tea... looks perfect and beautiful - definitely NOT over the top xx

  8. thats a beautiful gift, how lovely.

  9. Hooray Michelle, I can finally leave comments on your blog.

  10. Your table looks lovely all laid out, very pretty. I love your lace gloves, very posh!
    What a beautiful present, such a fabulous drawing, you have wonderful friends.

  11. Hello Michelle,

    Deirdre has blessed you with a wonderful gift. Love the table all set for high tea. Enjoy it.
    Happy days.

  12. What a wonderful present. Deidre could not have done anything better.She is a wonderfully thoughtful friend. I love the pearls, lace gloves & Old English Roses. Tracee xx

  13. I love that your tablecloth matches your tea cup. That's class!

    Gloves, pearls and a handkerchief. You're a true lady. I was thankful I managed to get out of my pyjamas!

    Cant believe you snaffled the one cupcake. Pass me a tiny teddy please. I so enjoyed the virtual tour of your high tea party. I'll pop over next weekend and we can do it all again!

  14. A beautiful post Michelle,a touch of gracious living. I love your "OLd Country Roses". The pastel drawing of Doc is amazing it looks like a photograph, a treasure from a good friend. Cheers R.


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