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Monday, July 4, 2011

July Giveaway & a Very Happy Camper

Love at first sight!
I'll be stitching here...
I can't believe it is already July. I have to say I am a very happy little camper (please pardon the pun) as hubby and I finally bought our campervan. Because I was so stubborn and wanted what I wanted we were having difficulties finding 'the one' But "TA DA" We found it this weekend. I am so very's not new (4years old) but very well kept and lots of extras thrown in and the model I wanted. So I am starting to believe we may actually get to the 'Alice' & Sth Aus. All we can think about now is "Where first???" We had so many great times in our old ones and driving holidays are what we really enjoy.

July Giveaway: because July means lots of special things to my sons Birthday, My Birthday and ****Christmas in July****I have a 1st draw with 2 Christmas patterns "Down Reindeer Lane" quilt & "Christmas at Ann's" Banner, a piece of fabric and some Christmas ribbon. Draw 2 & 3 will be a copy of "Christmas at Ann's Banner each. Just leave me a comment to be in the draw and I will draw it Monday 11th July, 2011.
July Giveaway
Happy 4th July to all my USA friends.
I hope everyone has a terrific Monday,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. congrats on your new camper Micheele its a beauty,what fun you will both have.
    And thankyou for a chance to win these wonderful prizes.

  2. Happy Birthday to you and to your son and enjoy that looks fun!!

  3. I Know how Excited you were last Friday so Well Done on your New CamperVan...woohoo.

  4. Your new camper looks great, you will enjoy travelling around Sth Aust, havent been to 'Alice' yet one day :) Thanks for chance of the giveaway. Have a great day

  5. Your new camper looks great, I'm sure it will take you to heaps of magical places.

  6. Happy Birthday to ewe and your son! Love the camper-it comes with the sense of adventure-have fun!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  7. Wishing you Happy Traveling Michelle, there are wonderful places to see out there, enjoy every minute. Thank you for the opportunity to win those great giveaways. cheers R.

  8. Hi Michelle (a fellow teacup lover!). I am also a fan of Diana Gabaldon, and also the Elm Creek Quilts series! I read my books over and over - never get tired of them.
    Oops, time for a cup of tea!

  9. Hope that you have many wonderful and safe trips in your new van. love your giveaways. Have a great birthday too

  10. Oh I love your camper! We are waiting for a house to be sold then we are going to buy a caravan, and see more of France before we are too old to do so! Linda

  11. Your camper looks fabulous. Love your giveaway. Happy Stitching,

  12. Best wishes for all your occasions, Michelle.
    Fantastic camper! My whole childhood our parents took us camping now in retirement I'd love to start up again. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Camping!

  13. How thrilling, Michelle, I too love driving vacations - would LOVE to have a camper and take some comforts of home with me! I don't really like hotels...

    GREAT give-away sweetie, when is your birthday???

  14. I think Im almost as excited for you as you are!

    Congratulations on the camper. To quote Dr. Suess "Oh the places we will go!"

    I hope birthday week is wonderful.

    Rocking the awesome hair there too Michelle!

  15. So pleased that you got 'your' camper, the sky is the limit now Michelle... arrange your lives and hit the road!!
    Thankyou for the opportunity for a give away too....

  16. Hello Michelle,

    Happy Birthday and to your son. Hope you have a great day when it comes. Congrats on your new home on wheels,may you and your husband have lots of adventures. Have you made a wall hanging for the van yet?
    Happy days.

  17. Happy Birthday and Happy all of the rest celebration days! Your camper looks great - with room for your projects when you travel it seems. Now, you can decorate! Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Thankyou for your kind and lovely giveaway Michelle, please count me in. Love the camper, we hope to purchase one in a few years and start travelling. Cheers Kaylee

  19. Congratulations on finding your camper van, sounds like you have many memorable occasions to look forward to. I was just doing the tea-cup hop and it seems we have a few things in common. Firstly, happy birthday to you and your son. It's both my husband's and my birthdays this month too. Secondly, I too love old country rose and was given the dinner set for my 21st birthday, so that is a very treasured possession. And of course, all things stitchy. It has been great visiting your blog, I will definately visit again.


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