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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody & Queensland Win!

Well all the Queensland Bears are very happy this morning! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MIGHTY QUEENSLAND MAROONS.....6 SERIES WIN IN A ROW....YOU LITTLE BEAUTY!!!!!
Well it was "State of Origin" footy night last night and Queensland defeated New South Wales for the 6TH YEAR IN A ROW***** So the bears have all things 'MAROON' to bring to the picnic today.
'Wally' (made by my Mum) has his maroon bow on and of course he chose "Queenie"  (made by me) as his honey bear who has beautiful burgundy (a more elegant form of maroon) mohair fur tipped with black and gorgeous burgundy suede paws. She has donned her Maroon rose for the occassion. Her little sister Magenta (also made by me) is keen to come as well. Tiny little 'Red Ted ' is happy on top of the cap where he can see everything and they all hoping "little brown bear" will hop out of their special mug without spilling any on their quilt. Wonder if there will be any "Blue" bears at the picnic today. You will recognise them as they will be please give them a hug and a hankie. TEE HEE. Visit MELODY to see who else is there.

I think I need a "cup of tea, a panadol and a good lie down" after all that.
Happy Stitching and a very 'Maroon day' to you all.


  1. Congratulations on the win for you & the bears team. That gave me a great laugh. Queenie & Magnenta are very pretty bears. Can't wait to see if there are any blue bears now. Tracee xx

  2. That's certainly a great way to celebrate a fantastic win! And the bears look great, too!

  3. lol,lol,very happy queenslanders today,great post Michelle with some cute bears

  4. Hahaha ... Great post Michelle. Grats on the win Q'land! The bears all look very smug don't they! I'm sure there will be lots of 'Origin' talk at the picnic today and perhaps a few 'blue' blue bears? ps What a gorgeous collection of bears. They all look beautifully made.

  5. Fantastic post Michelle. You really made me smile with all your little Queensland Maroons bears. Thanks for playing along today.

  6. Lovely post, Lovely Bears Michelle. Congratulations Queensland, I'm glad you are all so happy up there,enjoy a great Picnic. Cheers R.

  7. Way to go Queensland! Love Queenie, I have a bear in the same fabric, maybe she can come on the picnic next week.

  8. Your teddy bears are gorgeous.

    I am passionate about "cinnamon bears"!



  9. Thanks for the smile this morning Michelle , so glad your team won so you wouldn't be "BLUE " ;-0 Gorgeous bears celebrating their win today , love them all .


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