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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Isn't it strange how some very simple domestic items that were part of your child hood can illicit such strong feelings. My Treasure this week are two such items. The first is a very ordinary green depression glass container which always contained my Grandmothers home grown and home cooked beetroot (delish) and the other is a little covered dish which the peas were served in. It's an Alfred Meakin piece "Marigold" series.
When I visited my Mum recently she asked me if I would like them.....the memories they bought back. Every meal we all had totgether had these two items on the table. I can still see her very clearly in my minds eye dishing up at the table with these two items. She had other pieces in that china but the covered dish is all we have left and it's funny because it's the one I remember.
If you look very carefully in the top left hand corner of the photo of my Nanna you will see the beetroot container on the shelf in my Nanna's kitchen. This photo was taken of her with my Daughter and Son when they were very young. I laughed when I saw this because the beetroot container was very rarely empty  must have been waiting for a new crop of beetroot....I love this little photo and can't believe those children are now parents themselves.
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  1. Oh how fantastic to have those... I bet it didn't take too long to say"Yes mum - I'll take those home!!"
    It looks to me as though there are scones or something in the container in the picture..... it is a lovely picture..

  2. Michelle, my Nana had a depression glass dish just like this one. I don't know what happened to it, but I do have other china from her and whenever I use it I remember meals we had at her house. Families are wonderful things!!

  3. Hello Michelle,

    Oh yes childhood memories and treasures are great, now you have the honour of being the beetroot Nana.
    Happy memories.

  4. That's so good that you have these dishes now Michelle... so many memories... so many new ones to make..

  5. It is funny how such simple things bring back the most treasured memories! I love the photo, the kids are very cute and how quickly time flys!

  6. I love these items and it is so true it's the little things that bring memories flooding back. Thank you so much for sharing your treasures today.

  7. Your dishes are lovely and I agree that treasures are even more special when they have special memories attached to them!

  8. Great dishes and wonderful memories.

  9. what a lovely story Michelle,love the dishes they are more special when they come with a story.

  10. I love the story that goes with these pictures. (How wonderful that you have a picture of the actual dish when it lived at your Mum's!)

    I have a couple of things of my grandmothers that make me feel exactly the same way!I bought my Mum one of those depression glass dishes a year ago because she had such wonderful memories of one from her own childhood.

    Great treasures Michelle!

  11. Perfect treasures - gran sure knew how to keep the family fed. Yum - freshly prepared beetroot.

  12. I have some of my Nan's Crockery's so Nice to have that Little Memory when you Use Them..

  13. I think it is wonderful your Mom gave you these dishes so you have the fond memories of meals together and now they can become of a part of your family get togethers . Lovely picture of your Grandmother and your children too !


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