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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

My treasure to share with you today is my little collection of trinket boxes gathered together over many years. Another of my weaknesses I'm afraid. I just love tiny things with lids. Several are from England bought back by my Nanna from her trips, one was painted by my Mum, a Royal Winton chintz one, Delft china is another, gifts from friends, a couple of artists pieces and my very favourite is my Nanna's silver and red enamel one. It was with her from girlhood and sat on her dressing table and she kept her earrings in it. The enamel is a little worn but I know it was her lovely hands that were responsible and that makes it all the more of a treasure to me. Now it sits on my dressing table with my earrings in it as well as a pair of her marquisite earrings.
What are you treasuring today, share it at Melody's and see what other treasures are there.
Don't forget July giveaway see previous post.

I really liked this little saying too:
True friends bend with you when the going gets tough, while the fake break.
Have a wonderful day,
Blessings Michelle


  1. what a gorgeous collection of boxes. They look lovely all together.

  2. What beautiful memories Michelle in all those tiny boxes..thankyou for sharing them with us..

  3. Wonderful memories and I love the oval ones with the old fashion girls on them and then there's the hearts, I can see why they are treasures.

  4. Such lovely trinket boxes and so many wonderful memories connected to them , beautiful treasures .

  5. These are wonderful, they look like they could be on the Antiques Roadshow. Thanks for linking in to Tuesday Treasures.

  6. these are all so beautiful and filled with lovely memories,lovely post Michelle

  7. Oh those are so lovely - it makes me just want to sit and look and play with them.... what a lovely collection - and I love that saying too... very true...

  8. Hello Michelle,

    I can feel the love coming from your beautiful trinket boxes. I can just imagine being a small child and being enchanted by them.
    happy days.

  9. Such lovely treasures Michelle, they are just glorious. Cheers Kaylee

  10. Your trinket boxes are really pretty. I totally understand about little things with lids :) Each one is like a little treasure chest.

  11. What a wonderful collection of precious boxes. They are just so pretty and I'm sure, as you mentioned have such amazing memories attached to them all.

  12. Such a special collection! Very pretty. :)

  13. Your trinket boxes are so delightful, what treasure to have one of your grandmother's!


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