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Friday, September 1, 2017

The Untravelled Road

Hello folks. As much as I love travelling, sometimes the long straight roads you have already travelled seem a bit too long. Even after having a bit of a drive myself I was a tad bored but I do love this Queensland road sign....serious warning really.
We crossed over the Home State border several days ago.
Mt Isa,  Cloncurry, Julia Creek and Richmond are behind us now. Usually when we come through the town of Cloncurry we hang a right and travel down through Winton and the middle of outback Queensland. This time we decided to travel straight ahead and see some new countryside for us.
Mr R. was very keen to visit Kronosaurus Corner in the town of Richmond as the area is a renowned area for fossil and dinosaur discoveries.
The town has embraced it's reputation. Loved this sign on the way into town.
No litter here lol!
I found it quite interesting which surprised me. This guy was found 800 metres from the farmhouse......they thought it's snout was an old tree root!

I loved the shell fossil and others...

We enjoyed our visit and then headed for the next bit of the Dinosaur Trail....the town of Hughenden. Home of  "Hughie"

The Muttaburrasaurus discovered not far from here and named for the town nearby.
I found some interesting non dinosaur bits here which I shall share later.
Loved the artwork around town, especially Darby dinosaur aka Junkasauras.
Completely made from bits of junk.
Love the shoulder blade made from the spade.
More wonderful recycling is the Federation Rotunda made from 20 foot windmills from 1912 and 1916 from a local property. They were originally used to pump water for stock. Now you can sit and cool yourself within.
More sculpture in the park.
Ever heard the line "under the shade of a Coolibah tree" from that famous song?
Well that's where I was checking out this ancient Coolibah tree in town.

 It has enormous history including being blazed (marked by fire) to mark the search for Burke and Wills as well as the famous Sheares Strike. They have replicas of the blazing to commerate each event. Here is just one side.
I love the old buildings from days gone by....imagining their stories. This is the old pub with " Mutt" another Muttaburrasaurus replica keeping watch.
Donated by the Tropical Queensland Museum because so many of these particular dinosaurs fossils had been removed from the area.

Not sure what is going on with the litter around here? Lol!
Well that's fossil central for you from another fossil lol!
Some very sweet little visitors this evening at our campsite.....swooped in and left as quickly!
Donning the walking boots again tomorrow with hopefully a visit to Porcupine Gorge. So yes my friends I am afraid there will be more!
Happy 1st day of Spring Aussies.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. So interesting......part of the world we have never visited, so it's good to tag along with you!

  2. Love travelling with you and seeing your photos

  3. Very enjoyable to see the dinosaurs of Richmond, Michelle. We have never been there. The junk one is clever. What a grand old hotel, beautifully preserved.

  4. What a great post! I haven't been to those towns (yet), so it's great to see what's around! Safe travels back

  5. I'd love to go do the fossil towns.....

  6. It's so lovely to see photo's & read about you impressions on place i'd love to visit. Love those garbage cans. looking forward to the next installment of your journey. Hugs,xx

  7. I do think it is wonderful that these towns have put so much effort into making visitors welcome and embracing what is special about them. A credit to the communities. All the dinosaur info looks fascinating.

  8. Love seeing your photos. Those are some pretty birds. Keep them coming will be looking forward to seeing more of your travels. I'm still looking into a camper. Take Care

  9. Wow, how interesting. I didn't know about that part of Oz! xx

  10. another lovely place to visit. I do find dinosaur fossils just awesome - it's so hard to imagine them roaming and the fact that we still have evidence of them ... just amazing.... gosh I want to see these places...

  11. Another interesting stop on your travels, love the dinosaur made from the junk buts and pieces.

  12. Oh, I love dinosaur things. We enjoyed a lot of out of the way places with unusual museums in places in western U. S., but your dinosaurs are different ones. How exciting to see the pics, and I really liked that junk dinosaur!


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