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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Leliyn (Edith Falls)

I thought I would share this post now as we are heading back into unreliable web coverage soon.
Today we did a return visit to Nitmiluk National Park at the top end of the park to Edith Falls. We went better prepared this time and did the 2.6km top pool and loop walk....lots of rocky steps....quite a steep climb at times.
But all the while we had something wonderful to look at like that view off into the distance...

The top pools were beautiful and there was no chance of a shot without other folks cooling off.

The water looked so cool and inviting!

But we walked on to Bemang lookout for another wonderful view.

Its a very long way down....
Look at this tree just adjusting to living on a rocky escarpment! Nature is amazing!
As a "rockaholic" I found the groupings of boulders fascinating!
You won't be able to see this little fellow that frightened the life out of me rustling in the dry grass beside me....boy did I lift my feet high lol! But I have included a graphic from the info booth so you can see him....he was so pretty...glorious gold, blacks and white....amazing markings.

This was our view on our way down towards the loops end.
And just around this bend and across the bridge.....

A great big delicious wallow in the bottom plunge pool awaited us.....oh it was devine!

After we recuperated we headed up to the simple kiosk they have at the falls. Oh my goodness we had the best scones, jam and cream I have enjoyed in a very long time!
Glad we saved this for the return trip so we could take our time and enjoy it.
Very tired little campers getting off here for a toastie and a cool drink!
Not sure when I'll post again.....depends on coverage.
Thanks ever so for all your lovely comments and glad I haven't bored all of you to tears just yet.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings to you all
Michelle xx


  1. Beautiful.....I love those rocks, too.

  2. so lovely and that water looks very inviting.... some lovely spots and a good treat for you at the end...

  3. What a great place to walk around in, I would be jumping at the rustling in the grass too!!!! A swim and snack at the end would be most worth it and welcome!

  4. Oh wow I love travelling with you. You must be have the best time. The photos are amazing. Keep them coming. Enjoy.

  5. Lots of wonderful photos Michelle, you're having the most wonderful time. Oh it must have all been worth it with the Scones, jam and Cream at the end.

  6. We certainly live in a beautiful country and I am loving seeing it without the heat and the creepy crawlies!

  7. So glad the little critter that gave yu a fright had 4 legs! More stunning views and worth the walk.

  8. Beautiful photos from a beautiful country, Michelle! I am sure you had a great time. Kisses, my friend.


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