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Thursday, September 14, 2017


It is wonderful to trip around but even nicer to come home again. A few annoying welcome home phone.....frustrating times with the NBN. Dead washing machine but as they say 1st world problems!
Friend Robyn gifted some of her friends some cuttings from one of her orchids....I was thrilled to see one of my pieces had taken very well but also surprised me with a couple of pretty blooms into the bargain.
Also waiting for me was a birthday gift from my friend Cheryl.....yummy FG fabric and the sweetest notelet set. Beautiful! 
When we travel to outback Queensland and beyond we nearly always go through dear friend Fiona's home town, so it was just so nice to have a catchup under a shady tree with her. 
Just in case you don't know already my friend does the most beautiful quilting and had 2 to return to me. I am only going to show you a sneaky peek as they haven't got their binding on yet but I am thrilled to my toes! 
I will have to get a wriggle on with the binding so I can show you my Splendid Sampler quilt finished. After my 12 months of moaning about it and never thinking I would actually end up with a quilt, I am thrilled with the end result. Fiona definitely bought it to life....
My family laugh at me because you see I have this tatty old brown recliner.....that I adore and stitch and draw quite happily there. Well we had a heartfelt reunion....ahhhhhh! So nice to curl up in it once again.  Lol! I so missed her!
My sewing mojo has been left somewhere out there on the road I fear but I did finish a little bit of stitching,  in my fav chair  on one of my sadly neglected Gardener's Journal blocks. 
The Potting Shed....
Well must away....still lots of chores to do to set the place to rights. Have a wonderful day folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Good to have you back my friend,what an amazing trip you 2 had,loved all your pics,felt like we were on the trip with you.
    Hope the problems with the phone and washing machine sort out soon for you.
    Nothing beats being home,enjoy ,Namaste my friend xx

  2. lovely orchid - I always kill them! sigh.... Itw as great seeing you - just time goes too fast! I loved playing with your quilts - thank you for letting me - your work is so lovely. glad tatty recliner is back in use and your GJ block is lovely.... I need to do a bit on mine too...

  3. It's lovely to go away.......but oh so nice to be home again, isn't it! Welcome back, Michelle!

  4. What a beautiful orchid! Can't wait to see all Fiona's lovely quilting and your finished quilts. Hope the welcome home problems are sorted. xx

  5. Hello Michelle and welcome back. I love reading your holiday travels, it always feels like I'm there with you. Take care, Guida.

  6. Phone and NBN probs seem to be the norm now, but I do hope you get the washing machine sorted out! How nice to get to catch up with your friend after such a lovely trip!

  7. Welcome Home !!!! Beautiful orchids.
    Hope the phone/internet issues is resolved..
    I understand about being back in your favorite old chair..they are sew comfy..
    What a lovely visit with fiona and a bonus to pick up two quilts.
    Can't wait to see your SS. I must organise a backing for mine and send it out to be quilted, too large for me to do..

  8. Welcome home...home is the best word, lovely to go away but always great to get back home, enjoy your chair!! The orchid is beautiful, hope the home problems resolve quickly. The stitchery is very pretty. Wonderful to have a catch up with Fiona and to pick up your quilts.

  9. Lovely to catch up with fiona...... Now hurry and get binding so we can see the quilts....

  10. Hello nice to be catching up with you again....I hope you find your sew-jo soon!

  11. Oh I'll miss all the adventures of uour travels. Pain about NBN and the washing machine. How there will be quick fixes for both. Hope to catch up soon xx

  12. Sounds like you are settling into home just perfectly..snuggling up on your favourite chair - ahhhh lover-ly! Hope your 1st world problems are sorted :-) Lovely to see your stitched block. PS Ohhh exciting to get your quilts back - I cant wait to see them!!

  13. Welcome Home Michelle, I have kept up with all your wonderful trip posts on the IPad, but for some reason Google would not let me comment. My computer is back now ( great )
    Hugs R

  14. Going by the photos, it looked like you had a wonderful trip. I'm looking forward to seeing your new quilts.

  15. How lovely to catch up with Fiona and what a bonus to collect two quilts as well. Hope all the phone and washing machine problems sort out without too much fuss. Enjoy being home.

  16. Welcome home!!! Lovely quilting done by Fiona... looking forward to seeing the finished quilt! xx


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