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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Plodding Along

With all manner of domestic chores to see too around here of late, I have just plodded along and fitted some sewing in when time allowed.  Another Gardener's Journal block is complete. GARDENING TOOLS.....
I have also been very keen to get the binding sewn on to my Splendid Sampler quilt.
So happily it is now ready for hand sewing down.....a step that I always enjoy.
This week saw me back at my art group which was very nice indeed. My little Galah now formally called "Galah Grooming "  is now finished.
I think I may just frame this sweet chap.
My work on the scratchboard piece of the young male lion is coming on very slowly.
I am enjoying this medium. It is interesting to be working on the same image in two different mediums.
Well that's me caught up for now. After wiping down door surrounds, walls and washing my collection of china and bric a brac after our son repaired and painted our damaged ceilings, I am a wee bit weary. Boy that plaster dust gets everywhere! So I am planning on a quiet afternoon with my quilt binding.
I hope you are enjoying your day too.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I love your galah, you have really captured the sense of mischief.....just look at that eye, waiting to tease!

  2. Nothing wrong with plodding. Your art is lovely, very detailed. I look forward to seeing your splendid sampler, I only ever made 6 blocks :-/

  3. Hi Michelle,you sure have been busy,lovely work my friend.
    Your drawings are wonderful ,you are very clever,hope you have a lovely day, namaste my friend xx

  4. You definitely deserve some down time...your art work is so lovely

  5. Good to see you still managing to get in some creative time even though the chores do take over.
    Great to see your quilt nearly there.

  6. my goodness you are a very talented lady, your galah is majestic xxx

  7. Your stitching is sew sweet.
    Your Galah is gorgeous. You are sew talented my dear.

  8. Lovely bits and pieces to report on! I love doing a lot of different things at the same time, keeps like interesting... but also results in a lot of UFOs for me, lol! xx

  9. oh my goodness - I better get moving on my GArdeners Journal or I won't have any motivation when you have finished yours!!! So does that mean you are too tired to come and clean and dust here - I can provide fairy wings.... love your drawings - so clever... happy binding...

  10. Your galah is amazing Michelle, you are a suoer talented artist!! Love the gardners journal block. ..all that cleaning would leave me exhausted too, but I can relate to the plaster dust, it is so invasive, but excellent to have the ceiling fixed. Love the lion in progress. Enjoy that relaxing hand sewing.

  11. Lovely art work as usual Michelle

  12. Beautiful stitching & drawing Michelle, Your scratchboard pieces are amazing, they really come to life. Yes that plaster dust sure does get everywhere.

  13. Gorgeous galah. Love the lion. Hugs, xx

  14. Michelle, Those are all such beautiful projects. I am glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys hand sewing the binding on a quilt. There is something sort of relaxing about the movements to me...not to mention I've got a cozy quilt on my lap. Andrea

  15. Lovely garden block Michelle, and the Galah is amazing!! It looks like your lion is going to be quite a handsome chap too :-)

  16. The Galah is truly amazing, you are so talented Michelle.


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