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Monday, September 4, 2017

Fabric Drought Broken

Seems like every town that had some kind of craft supplies or fabrics had either shut down....we were too late to catch them or we were leaving to early. But Aha! Today I heard about a business called Browns Framing and Craft Shed....affectionately known as the "big green shed". What lovely ladies and it was truly an Aladdins cave of all things creative! And were kind enough to let me buy 10cms of some pretties for my clamshells. I had a very nice time....another reason to love Charters Towers.
So one very happy little stitcher climbed on board and we finished our time here with a visit to the Burdekin Weir.

The Mr. was interested in all the facts and figures....

I however was content enough to enjoy the lovely park here....
And of course there is always beautiful critters to spy on.....lovely Common Crow butterfly enjoying the scarlet bottle brushes.
Back at camp I throughly enjoyed watching this little peewee collecting grass for it's nest.....dunking the grass in a muddy puddle and flying away to add to the building work, only to return again and again. Not a good photo but I so want to remember this delightful moment.
Lots of busy little birdie feet in the mud.....
On the road again tomorrow, again a new direction and road.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hubbie and I lived in Townsville for a short time and visited charters towers - dropping in at the Dam - it must be a guy thing as my hubbie was also most interested in the facts and figures lol. There is a big double decker bus that is a material patchwork shop that travels from the towers down to Vic each year - I love when it calls into the Yarrawonga market near here!

  2. A lot of history in that part of the world! Fancy finding a fabric shop, how dreadful.....and how good of you to help the local economy......*grin*

  3. Its good to support local shops as you travel along.... you found lots to do and see there...

  4. You have gathered some beautiful fabric Michelle. And found many interesting places, how clever is that little bird!!

  5. Beautiful fabrics and supporting the local shops, looks wonderful.

  6. Glad that you found an open shop Michelle! Nice fabrics. How fascinating to watch that little bird. xx

  7. I am catching on a few days of your travels. Love seeing the little gems that are hidden along the way. It is wonderful that you have time to stop and explore along the way. And how special that you had a fabric fix as well.

  8. Wonderful fabrics. Are you caravaning? What fun! I miss that so much. I loved doing it full time and would do it again in a heartbeat, if only I had help along the way. It's a lot for one woman my age alone. Thank you for more gorgeous pics.

  9. Oooo yummy fabrics. Can't wait to see what you make with them. More lovely pics. Great to know that you are enjoying your trip so much. Stay safe.


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