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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bit Quiet

We are enjoying (I use the term lightly) an early touch of Summer....boy it has been a bit warm and it continues today. Our roof and solar panels issues seem to finally be resolved so at least there is guilt free air con.
The lovely Helen from Sunday Stitchers told me she wanted to see clamshells from all my pretty birthday fat 1/ apart from a beautiful Christmas piece, I obliged.
I think they are very pretty! Not a lot else to show you as I have been working away on the cottage block in Gardener's Journal and my goodness there is some stitching involved in this block....feels like it will never be done lol! Although.....
I was glad of something to keep me occupied at the end of this week. I always get extremely anxious when our DS petscans come around....joyfully another clear scan!
If you ever made a donation to cancer research then this is your gift in action! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
As quiet time was what we needed I stitched and kept hubby company and we both enjoyed this beautiful story on DVD.

Definitely a box of tissues movie!
That's me caught up. Thank you to all of you who have left me lovely comments about my new blog Nature of Art. If you missed will find it at the top of my sidebar.
Enjoy your weekend folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Your clam shells look lovely, Michelle. That's good news about your son. xx

  2. Love the clamshells. Great news love to hear clear. I want to see that movie. I'll have tissues at the ready. Your stitcheries are beautiful. Xx

  3. Pretty clamshells. I thought Lion was a brilliant film. So glad all well with your son. xx

  4. Lovely clamshells!!! Looks like good progress with the cottage stitching, too.
    I thoroughly enjoyed Lion, too.
    And great news for your son!!

  5. Such pretty clamshells, and your stitching is coming along well! Such good news about your son, you must be very relieved.

  6. Lovely clamshells and great stitching on your Gardeners Journal..
    Fabulous news about your DSs scan 👍🏼

  7. Nice clam shells....... Goodluck for the scans...... Always a worrying time....sure need a box of tissues with lion....a gorgeous amazing movie......

  8. Good the scan was clear. Lovely hand work you do. I keep up with you even if I don't always comment. You are warming up we are cooling down. Take Care

  9. glam clams there.... and keep on with that cottage. Glad the solar panels etc are sorted now and even gladder about the scan being clear... yay yay... My DD took me to the movies to see Lion - bad move - I sobbed!

  10. Good morning my friend and yipee what fantastic news from Lucas,doing the happy dance here.
    Love your clamshells and stitching,must look that movie up,hope you have a fantastic Sunday my friend xx

  11. Love the clamshells Michelle. Wonderful news about your son!! 😆😆 Your stitchery is lovely, I have that dvd here must watch it one day !! A bit early for auch hot weather, good to hear the air con is working.

  12. Pretty clamshells. Might have to cut some out now. Glad your son is well.x

  13. Great news about Lucas. love the clamshells....aren't they addictive? See you soon, not looking forward to the heat ( so shorts and t shirts will be packed!)

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