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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Me Again!

I thought I was going to give you some peace but sorry.....nope! We have travelled south and stayed overnight in Clermont and I had to snap a couple of pictures of course.
Mr R. was keen for me to capture the murals on the old train....surprise!

I loved the pretty walk beside the lagoon in town.
From here we spent the next evening in Springsure. A local told us about a lookout in Minerva National Park, 10 kms out of town. So off we went. Didn't count on the rough road....

The view was certainly worth the rattling of the bones.....Freds Gorge!

Further along the track was Eclipse Lookout....once again another wonderful spot to enjoy the fantastic view.

Mr R. promised me if we had time we would visit an absolute favourite spot of mine on our return trip. So that's where we headed after Springsure but not before I snapped this rustic town signage. I had admired them in several towns but wasn't able to stop for a pic.
Now my favourite spot? Carnarvon Gorge of course. I was born around here and for some reason I feel very much at home it! As we had done all the big wqlks last time we were here we just took our cameras and took leisurely strolls on the easier walks......Mickeys Creek Gorge lovely and peaceful.

Pretty bird calls, swamp wallaby encounters, trickling streams.....huge trees...
A truly unique place....another favourite is rock hopping across Carnarvon Creek on the Nature trail.

I love the rock pool too.

Such a beautiful place and your encounter with wildlife is almost guaranteed. You may pick out a couple of local wallabies in these pics.

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of platypus at our special! No photos as they only obliged us just on dark. There truly is beauty around each bend in this gorgeous place.....

We are now heading home and these few days were a perfect way to finish our trip.
Catch you in the big smoke *sigh* I am definitely looking forward to big hugs from my babies, I have missed them so very much.
Thank you all so much for keeping us company and your very nice comments.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Loving your journey...fantastic photos ❤️❤️❤️

  2. A lovely way to wind down your holiday, Michelle!

  3. I want to go to canarvon gorge one day....... Travel safe on your last leg home.......

  4. Such beautiful scenery. And lucky you to spot a platypus in the wild - I believe they are rather secretive?

  5. another place on my wish list.... so wonderful to have travelled with you my friend and I imagine the family has missed you a lot .... I just love these huge art pieces done on arbitrary things these days... so clever...

  6. Hi my lovely friend,wow love the murals on the train,what wonderful places you have visited,bet the family cant wait to get you both back,safe travels Michelle xx

  7. What a lovely end to your trip Michelle. We have never been to Carnarvon Gorge, but most of my family have. It looks so beautiful, and the wildlife is a treat. How fantastic to see platypus in the wild!

  8. Stunning finale to your trip, you find such gorgeous places. xx

  9. I have totally enjoyed your posts on your travels - wow what an adventure!! What a lot of miles you've travelled and what a lot of things you've seen - very inspiring! I'm guessing you may have spent last night in your own bed, if you saw Fiona yesterday, that would take some getting used to!

  10. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pics of Australia. It reminds me so much of Arizona! I could live there and not be so homesick. LOL The train, too, was wonderful. I'm glad your husband wanted those pics because I thoroughly enjoyed them - love trains myself.

  11. Beautiful photos of Australia, Michelle. Thank you so much for sharing. I am sure you had a great time near the places you love. Have a nice week, my friend.

  12. Wow amazing pics Michelle, but you can't go home, I'm loving all your travels & adventures!

  13. What a lovely way to end your travels. I like the way you have taken your time to enjoy all that you have visited. And how amazing to see a platypus in the wild!!! Safe trip home.

  14. I think it will take you a long time to settle in back home after visiting so many beautiful places. I am sure you will bring back much inspiration for beautiful artworks. LOvely serene pics.

  15. Those murals are cool... some people are just so clever! xx


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