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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Nature of Art

Dear fellow bloggers, followers and friendly lurkers, after much thought I have decided to create a separate blog for my art and interest in wildlife and nature. You will see my pretty red honeyeater on my side bar. If you click on it you can pop on over and follow it if you choose. Either by email or as a Follower. I shall still be posting here in my regular blog just the same.
Ok back to stitching!
Two months required catching up on in Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
August was quite a challenge as it was LOW VOLUME BEIGE. As these blocks will join cream Dresden Plate blocks I couldn't really do beige. So I chose these fabrics.
This month.....ORANGE.
Nice to be caught colour next week lol!
Another little Gardener's Journal block is complete. The Dovecote.
I have started the cottage which is the largest block and involves lots of stitching. I am really loving working on these.
Just a quick post today to let you know about my new blog.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful blocks and stitchery Michelle, looking forward to reading the new blog as things happen.

  2. Pretty block Michelle. Your embroidery looks lovely - I could be easily tempted by this project! xx

  3. Lovely blocks for the RSC Michelle...I missed the months of low volume and orange and am looking forward to seeing the new colour for October. And gorgeous stitchery too.

  4. Good idea tohave a separate blog for your art - it will help if you want to print out your progress. Sweet dovecote.. enjoy stitching the house and well caught up with your colours just in time for the next one...

  5. Good morning my friend,love your blocks and your birdhouse stitchery,they look fantastic,what a great idea to start a new blog for your art,hope you have a lovely day Michelle,i have 3 little munchkins running around so my day will be busy,Namaste my friend xx

  6. Of dear, Michelle, what a fright you gave me. Starting off your blog with "dear fellow bloggers, followers and friendly lurkers, after much thought I have decided....." I thought for a moment that you had decided to stop blogging!!
    Whew - I'm so pleased that all is OK in Blogland.

  7. Your appliques and stitchery are beautiful. Good luck keeping up with 2 blogs LOL. I shall pop on over soon.

  8. Lovely stitching and it looks like more fun with a new blog!!

  9. Lovely stitching and blocks! Good idea to have a separate blog for your art etc... xx

  10. Oh I like seeing your art nixed in with your sewing...........must remember to visit you other blog..........

  11. Beautiful blocks, Michelle. I LOVE the pretty butterfly! And your bird house stitching is adorable! Kisses, my friend.


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