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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Porcupine Gorge National Park

Little did we know that when we continued west on our little adventure we would discover a beautiful little Queensland jewel. The countryside seems so dry and brittle and then you come upon this wonderful gorge.

After viewing the gorge from the lookout we ventured a bit further to take the 2.4km round trip down into the gorge to see the amazing Pyramid Rock up close.
The walk down into the gorge was very pleasant but as we were going down lots of rocky steps it did occur....might not be much fun on the return trip up.

The gorge was so interesting with little waterholes and billabongs along the huge stone floor....I couldn't get over the beautiful scarlet bottle brushes growing in groves near the waterholes.

We parked ourselves in the shade of a group of these lovely trees for a rest and a snack.
The object of the exercise......Pyramid Rock!

Definitely wouldn't like to slip and fall into some of the cavenous holes along the floor.
The walls of the gorge are very imposing and apparently Wedge tailed Eagles call the escarpment home.
We loved our morning of exploring this special spot.
Mr R. moaning....."are we there yet? " Lol.
He was greatly cheered after a visit here on the way home.

We refueled on deliciously cold milkshakes and checked out all the Holden memorbillia which was right up my Holden buffs street, so to speak!
We finished the day with a drive to Mt Walker for a view over Hughenden.

We stayed and shared the glorious sunset with lovely fellow travellers Bob and Barb.
Simply gorgeous!

 Great finale for a great day.
We're now in Charters Towers and I will post that next.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What an interesting place, and another I never heard of. The pyramid rock is amazing, but the walk did look rather long. Happy travels Michelle.

  2. I'm impressed with that walk but so worth it.... wonderful...

  3. Michelle, Milkshakes are one of the best ways to refuel and recharge. Glad you were able to enjoy some. It looks like such a beautiful hike. I appreciate you sharing your pictures. Have a great week! Andrea

  4. My goodness you would have to watch where you put your feet on that hike!! Beautiful countryside though, and thank goodness for the milkshake to recharge the batteries. Beautiful sunset.

  5. What a beautiful sunset and close to a terrific day. I'm so enjoying following your travels backward. =)


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