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Monday, November 14, 2016

We have made our way through the towns of Bourke...

We have driven long, straight, hot country roads and decided on a fun rest day in the fascinating Lightning Ridge....

 I am a big fan of Aussie artist John Murray....the main reason I wanted to visit. So I was thrilled to meet "Stanley" at the turn off to the town....he is an 80 metre high emu designed and made with the help from locals from old VW bodies and other recycled materials....
First on my agenda was a visit to John Murrays Gallery.....
One very happy girlie...
I loved my visit and admire so much his Aussie wit and humour and his enormous talent....can you tell I loved it lol!
We then did a little tour around using the colour car door system....
Each tour of interst is colour coded yellow, red, green and choose a tour and just follow the doors....very quirky! Hubby wanted to see the underground sculptures at the  Chambers of the Black Hand ......over 900 sculptures underground.

Unfortunately I am extremely claustrophobic and DO NOT do caves or underground so did not accompany him.....a bit of book reading for me. He said it was amazing! They gave him a free dvd for his wussy wifey to watch later.
Further along this path was this rustic old church constructed for a movie....

The landscape around it was very strange.....
The place does have it's share of eccentric folk and one chappie decided to build himself a castle.....

We finished our day with a dip in the Artesian Bore Bath....I  didn't think that I would enjoy it but I really did....and was so relaxed after.

And they were hot 42° in fact.
Loved this interesting dot on the map.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. That looks like a wonderful visit. Love the baths. How relaxing...

  2. Interesting places......Lightning Ridge is on my list of places to see! Did you get an opal souvenir?

  3. Hi my gorgeous friend ,love these pics and I bet those baths were great,glad you tried it .
    That castle is awesome,such unusual ThinGS you find in your travels,hope you have a lovely evening Michelle xx

  4. I enjoyed the tour Michelle. looks fun.

  5. another lovely post... I do love old corrugated iron roofs and buildings....

  6. I've really enjoyed seeing pictures of your trip. You've certainly been to some fabulous and interesting places

  7. Your trip has been a good one. Seen some wonderful places. Safe home

  8. I'm with you Michelle, no way no how would I go down any hole, unless I'm dead of course, then who cares. Love the photos, thanks. Guida.

  9. What an interesting place Michelle. On my "to do" list one day

  10. Great to see all that is there now.

  11. Lightning Ridge sure is a quirky different place to to visit.........


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