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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Finally a Stitching Post!

Well sort of. Still unpacking, trying to get back into the old routine....some resistance happening! However, I just wanted to show how my little clamshells have grown. I was the happiest little person when I discovered that I could baste them as we travelled in the car...tried gluing but ended up in a sticky mess. But basting suited me just fine.
Even though I plan to use lots of my stash for the  880 + clamshells I need for this quilt, I could not wait until home time to begin. So I bought a charm pack to give me some variety straight away....trouble is, there are left overs...hate waste! When I visited lovely Karen on Bellarine she showed us some pretty little pentagon circles she was making....problem solved! Little Pentagon's from the left I will get some teeeny hexies out of their left's a sin to waste French General fabrics !
Aren't they cute! I am at present working on secret stuff and a couple of my Aussie Christmas Decos...
I am also searching high and low in my "sewing cave of chaos" for the binding fabric so carefully put aside for my Roma quilt . 
I am longing to see this quilt finished as I love it!
My garden only had a few casualties due to my DD giving it a drink on those hot days.
I bought a couple of little pieces for the garden on our trip.
Let me introduce you to "Don"
We saw so many emus this trip...must be the good grazing conditions. We called him Don because we bought him in Mal-Don Victoria ......yes I know bad lol!
The other little critter we seemed to see everywhere we went was the sweet fairy wren. This is a lovely reminder....I love rusty old things.
Ok folks....must fly....chores to do.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle, Have enjoyed sitting & reading of all your travels & adventures. Loved the times you spent with Shez & the surprise quilt. Imagine you will be pleased to be home again ... your clamshells look wonderful as do your new garden critters. Happy weekend Michelle x x

  2. Hi my lovely friend ,lots of lovely clam shells you have made ,lol,it's quite addictive,must admit after seeing Karens I wanted to start one too.
    Don looks right at home in your garden,it's so good seeing you back into your sewing,hope you have a lovely day Michelle xx

  3. Love your clamshells. I hate waste too so love your idea to use up the scraps. The ornaments look lovely in your garden. So enjoyed seeing all the photos of your travels. Hugs, xx

  4. Those clam shells are coming along nicely and so are those little hexies. I am also looking forward to seeing that quilt finished. It is looking beautiful. Glad you are home safe.

  5. Looks like you got good mileage from those charm packs.

  6. A very impressive way of saving your French General Fabric, Michelle, and I love your new garden ornaments, very nice. The little kangaroo is cute too, and methinks me should get that pattern :) xx

  7. Welcome home! Love your new garden friends.

  8. Your travel posts were great Michelle, so don't apologise. Those clams shells are so pretty lined up in a row!

  9. Good to see you are settling in back home

  10. Nice to settle in back home after such a great trip. It was wonderful reading about your adventures. Love your clamshells.

  11. Great to see how you are going with your clamshells, your new critters are great, so good to be able to mm use all the fabric and not waste any. Enjoyed your trip very much, but it is always good to get back home mm isn't it.

  12. a couple of lovely goodies for your garden with memories attached to them... couldn't you find a gnome? I love how you are using all your FG fabric .... such lovely little pieces..

  13. Your clamshells are gorgeous and those tiny hexies are too .

  14. Your sewing is excellent and I adore your little creatures. Welcome home, Guida

  15. Lovely clamshells Michelle and of course you can't waste FG ... cute little pentagons and hexies...
    Cute mementos you bought for the garden.
    Enjoy stitching your beautiful Aussie Christmas Creatures...

  16. Such pretty fabrics and I like the idea of the pentagons. Great purchases for your garden. xx

  17. Good to see you settling in at home. Good to see you were productive during your trip on the stitching front. The little creatures that travelled home with you are gorgeous.

  18. Well don looks very much at home in your garden Michelle. And love all your gorgeous clamshells - great how many you got done

  19. Hello Michelle

    880 little clamshell to you need, i say , respects
    I love your Roma Quilt, he looks so lovely
    I wish you and your family a Lovely Advent time
    Kind regards Marika


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