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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Old Pubs

Before I begin my post. I just wanted to say thank so much for your lovely comments during my are very kind. I have had a lot of comments from folks who are non reply bloggers so thank you to you also. If I haven't rsponded to you that is why.
I know other peoples holidays can be boring but I love where we live so much and it is such an amazing and diverse land I wanted to share it all.
Today was a day of old pubs and stores.....first the Hebel Hotel.
John Murray had been working his witty art here too....

Quirky outdoor furnishings.

Just across the road is the Hebel General Store.....time for a coffee we thought.

It's an historic icon in the district and now  incorporates the old general store and the local eclectic mix of styling.

We opted for a Devonshire these a BIG scones....just about the size of damper lol!

Truly light, fluffy  and delicious!
A landmark we had wanted to see if we ever came this way was another old historic pub...
The real  thing...

Situated on the banks of the Moonee River....

It didn't disappoint many interesting things to all the old hats and their owners names around the wall of the main bar.

Note that Maroons poster there by the way! Hubby enjoyed justvone coldie at the bar XXXX of course!

We thought after our huge morning tea a light lunch was in! Bit more than we expected!
The pub was also used in a delightful Aussie movie...which I happen to love...
It was really good fun wandering around the pub...throwing the stick for the resident 4 footed publican and reading all the memorbillia.

I love their work ethic lol!
You will be pleased to hear that I'm leaving you all in peace as we now travel home.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Have a good trip home! Thank you for taking us along on your travels, I have really enjoyed it.

  2. It has been very enjoyable Michelle

  3. More great photos of interesting places - I've enjoyed tagging along on your trip.

  4. wow Michelle i am loveing these old pubs,the paintings are awesome,not long now till you cuddles those gorgeous grandies xx

  5. Fascinating. All of my travel around Australia has been around the coast so I've really enjoyed the pictures of inland.

  6. Oh I have loved all your holiday posts....

  7. Thank you Michelle, I have loved seeing all those wonderful places (most that I will never see) and totally enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, safe trip home, Guida.

  8. Well, you visit such interesting places, how could we not comment! Safe journey home. xx

  9. lovely historical places...

  10. I've been travelling right beside you and Mr R all the way. Bit squashed at times... but I had a wonderful time.
    Have really enjoyed your pic's...xox

  11. I agree. The old pubs really are wonderful. And it is great to see the art work too.

  12. Wow so many lovely and unusual places you've been Michelle. Lovely to get off the beaten track at times. There's so many interesting things to see

  13. Love those windows!! What an amazing place that old pub is, will have to put that on my to visit place!(one day)!! Love the trading hours sign.


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