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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Archibald Prize 2016

I was very thrilled to discover that Ballarat Art Gallery was hosting the Archibald Prize 2016.

Shez decided she would like to join us and once again be our gracious tour guide.
On the way in to the gallery we saw this very apt art installation ......loved it!
This was the one I really wanted to see...being an old fashioned fan of realism art.
It was breathtaking in my opinion! This was my other much to see in it....tiny ants and little bugs and fishes....critters hiding....

This was the winning entry.
A couple of my other favs....

Being fans of ABC's Dr Blake we checked out some of the show locations and also some history.

I got to visit Gails Patchwork Emporium again as I decided I couldn't leave somethings behind....

Love this beautiful china in Gails private collection...yum!
After all that retail therapy we were relaxing on the verandah when who should walk up the stairs? O'faigh from Oldbury lovely!
Selfies thanks to our resident paparazzi person...
Thanks are a great place....going to miss you and Miss Shez but not your weather....thanks for deciding to shine now!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Ballarat is such a beautiful place.

  2. I have had an amazing time with you guys ,i am so glad i got to play tourist with you both,i had alot of fun,and how good that you got to meet Lyn,i am already missing you my friend ,safe travels xx

  3. Oh you are doing and seeing so much on your holiday...good on you xx
    Keep on sharing ....brings back so many memories.

  4. Lucky you, seeing the Archibald exhibition! I like Ballarat, it's such an interesting place, and the lovely old buildings are gorgeous. The town has hung onto its history very well.

  5. The Archibald exhibition must have been amazing in person , thanks for sharing.

  6. I do enjoy our regional galleries taking on major exhibitions. And i am not surprised you were tempted to go back to Gail's!

  7. You seem to have had a great time. Ballarat is a cold place weather wise but not in other respects. Safe trip back to sunny qld. DD2 tells me it's been beautiful!

  8. Lovely holiday photos Michelle, such a wonderful trip you are having.

  9. So much to see and do. Hope you didn't miss anything.

  10. another lovely day out..x

  11. Wow those painting were amazing. Glad you got some retail therapy, take care. Guida

  12. The Archibald Prize was amazing, wasn't it?

  13. There is so much to do and see in Ballarat isn't there. Wonderful to see the paintings, so many beautiful ones. Love the Gary MacDonald painting, looks like he needs a hug!! Gails is a wonderful shop so much jusg to look at.


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