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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Continuing Broken Hill at Silverton

What an interesting day out at the historic ghost town of Silverton. As we drove into town we were met by the local welcoming party....they were so sweet. They wandered straight over to us and checked us out....I think we passed muster.
The look on my face is the complete failure  of my insect repellent on the flies! Arggh!
 The lovely old dog accompanying them is Teddy.....we became good mates and he agreed to have his piccie taken for a drawing later on.
Hubby headed here.....on his bucket list!

Moi? I headed here!

Got to meet the artist and watch him work and have a chat. I also bought two signed prints at a very reasonable price.....lots of interesting features in this seemingly deserted place.

After a drive out to Mundi Mundi Plains to see the landscape where much of movie Mad Max was filmed we came back to Silverton Hotel for a good old pub lunch.

We chose to sit out on the closed in verandah . .....and yes that is a horse!
Yep! Even the horses can get a drink at the Silverton Hotel!

Just loved these gorgeous tables made from solid slices of timber.

The outside stage in the beer garden was somewhat unique too.

There are crumbling ruins everywhere around the town....

We throughly enjoyed wandering around this piece of history and enjoyed the locals.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such interesting photos - seems a great holiday!

  2. What a lot of country you are seeing Michelle, a really great trip. The Broken Hill and Silverton photos are fantastic. Love the old church, the hotel, the ruins, and especially the donkey!

  3. Isn't this an amazing place. Can't think of anywhere else like it

  4. Such interesting places! I would love to see the sculpture garden. Isn't that wood in the Silverton Hotel really something - do you know if it was from local trees?

  5. I loved Broken Hill and Silverton when I went a couple of times about 20 years ago........would love to go back and visit again.........such a different place........

  6. wow such amazing sights Michelle,looks like you and the animals were the only ones there.
    Makes me want to travel,,stay safe my friend xx

  7. We enjoyed our time there too. Looks like the two of you did as well...xox

  8. Loving your photos of our part of the country we are so lucky to have so many things to see and do, glad you have enjoyed them. Silos are fantastic.

  9. what a great place to visit, to dry for me to live there. I love the art work and the pub's wooden tables, awesome! Thanks for sharing. Guida

  10. You find the most amazing stuff. Well done. I'm loving following your journey. Xx

  11. I am enjoying your travels, this looks like a wonderful place to visit, looking forward to seeing Teddy's portrait.

  12. great adventure.... even with ass bums...

  13. It is an amazing place. Love it. Our first visit there was over 40 years ago. No-one was there and you just wandered in and out of all the buildings. looks like a lot has changed.


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