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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Retail Therapy and Trains Part Two

Mr. R's turn. We travelled to Castlemaine and rode the Goldfields Railway to Maldon and back again.....again! Having taken the journey a few years ago.....I am sure he smells the smoke from 200kms away!

 We travelled First Class.....
I secretly love it as it really is a glimpse into bygone eras....our compartment . ..

This was a Ladies Only compartment!
We arrrived in Maldon and I was excited to visit the local patchwork shop as it was closed on my last visit several years ago. Guess what ?  Yep! Closed today! very disappointed as my favourite in Castlemaine closes on Wednesdays too....very big sad face! I did however pop into the Christmas Shop...
Checked in with the big guy . You know just checking he has me on the right list!
After revisiting a lovely cafe Berrymans for lunch we headed back on the train from whence we had come.....hubby was very excited as he got to ride up in the engine for one section of the trip back. We chose the Pullman carriage for the return trip. The last time we did this journey a very proud volunteer showed us through the carriage just after it's renovation was complete.....
The interior is decorated in Art Deco style and we remember that the volunteer had told us he swiped this piece from home.....obviously it never made it home again lol!
It has a bar and club chairs.....very comfortable and music from the era plays softly overhead.

As you can tell by the enthusiasm of the photographer it was a very enjoyable day.

I just love the quaint heritage homes and features in Victoria and the roses just blow my mind!

This vintage sign inside the Refreshments Room really amused us, owing to our weather experience at Phillip Island recently.
Apparently we just had the wrong attire....should have bought our swimmers hehehe!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What a wonderful trip you're having. Loved hearing about your day out with Shez. Some hand sewing would have made that train trip perfect!

  2. You should place that Phillip Island sign next to a your teeth chattering Phillip Island photo.

  3. What a wonderful day you both had Michelle,inside the train is amazing ,glad you were good for Santa,lol xx

  4. How wonderful was that! Great trip. Pity Threadbear wasn't open.

  5. What a great trip! Shame you missed the shops.....I have been to both, and they are worth a visit.

  6. Fabulous trip.... the luxury of bygone days....

  7. Those train carriages are amazing, so nice to see they have been renovated and lovely to travel in luxury!! Pity the shop was closed but at least you have saved some money!!Beautiful roses.

  8. You are having so much fun. sad that Maldon closed again as it is an amazing shop... the Christmas one is a close second. Love the train ride... must do that one day.

  9. What lovely old carriages they are, pity about the shops, you will have to have a big spend at the very next patchwork shop, to make up for your disappointment.
    Take care, Guida.

  10. Love the charm of vintage railway. Sam hired a train here for his 30th birthday. Riding in the cab is wonderful, really charming. I loved the teapot on the boiler.

  11. Love your pics on the train! Shame about the shop being might have to come back!

  12. You do have to admire the craftsmanship in these rail carriages. It is beautiful. What a shame about the patchwork shop!!

  13. I love the old train, lots more wonderful holiday photos too.


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