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Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Bit Too Much Excitement

Our last day in  Broken Hill turned out to be a little more exciting than we had bargained for....but the morning we set out on a small day trip to see the Menindee Lakes about 110 kms away from BH. I wasn't as keen as hubby but was glad I went. I wish I could convey the enormity of these lakes to you .

This the main weir.....further on we saw the gates that control the flow of wter from the Darling River in to Lake Pamamaroo.

It is huge! Quite close by we checked this out .
Huge old trees and cool. I could see why they chose it. I couldn't help but love this old tree with its pretty neighbours.

On to the actual Menindee Lake....

Such an vast body of old timer we got chatting to, told us they are only half full....yikes!
After a very hot day 37° in the shade we headed for the iconic Bells Milkbar, still on the original spot as the beginning of the whole story Fentons Confectionary.

They have kept it in 1950's style...lots of vintage appointments. Sliding into a booth and listening to the jukebox bought back lots of memories!

I was torn between a lime spider or a milkshake, chose the milkshake...delicious!
Hubby loved his too!
Wonder how many milkshakes these scoops have helped prepare...
As a child I adored this game....Chinese Checkers !  Loved it...drove everyone mad!
My family will understand why I had to snap these.
Must show you the original "Bell" This is Pearly Bell as she was known, who ran the shop singlehandedly while her first husband was at war and subsequently killed and continued after she remarried.....amazing woman!
We were so full that we felt a wander down Argent Street was in order to look for this hotel.

It was featured in the movie "Priscilla Queen of the Desert ". We had planned to go in for a drink but Bells put paid to that lol!
So after our full hot day we were looking forward to a relaxing dinner and early night! Nope! Thunder rolled in, followed by torrential rain, gusting winds and golf ball size hail.

It was very scary and our lovely van and car copped a bit of a peppering from the hail. Not to mention a huge hailstone smashing through our shower hatch! 
I am unashamedly telling you that I am officially a card carrying member of the coward brigade! Thankfully we are unharmed and are still able to keep travelling. Some other campers were not so lucky.
We are off to the "back of Bourke ".....always wanted to say that!
Emus are out there in the distance if you pop on your magnifying glasses ! 

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Broken Hill is an amazing place and the lakes were very dry when I went through in the train a few years ago now. Glad you only received minor damage in the storm. They can be quite terrifying.

  2. Wow Michelle, great adventures there... those lakes are incredible... xx

  3. Hi my lovely friend ,oh boy it's all a bit scary that rain looks so heavy,so glad that you guys are able to keep travelling,stay safe my friend and safe travels xx

  4. What a fabulous journey. Lots of inspiration for future drawings.

  5. Good to hear that you are both all right, even if your car and van suffered! It wasn't that bad here, but the heavens really opened at 5 A.M. this morning together with a lights and music show. Wow - those lakes must hold a lot of water when they are completely full, now that would be a sight to see.

  6. Oh dear, glad you are safe, and it must have been scary in the hail storm. There has been hail here this week too. Never been to Broken Hill, and it does look most interesting. How neat to find Burke and Wills camp and the gorgeous classic milk bar.

  7. Whew! So pleased that you are safe. I believe you also missed a mini tornedo in Mildura. Hope your poor car is easily repaired.

  8. Good that you are ok though. I wouldn't like to have been a van. It was bad enough at camp...

  9. Oh dear - what a terrible finish to a lovely day out. I do hope you can get your caravan repaired quickly - and hopefully insurance will cover it all.

  10. You sure had a day of extremes Michelle, good to hear you b are both ok, love that huge tree.

  11. Good Grief Michelle I am not fond of storms, thunder or lightening...glad you are safe

  12. Glad you are safe , van and car can be repaired. The storm would have been scary to go through in the van. Looks like you are having fun regardless. Love the Emu's we saw between St George and Cunnamulla. Running long the side of the road with their chicks.

  13. Wow. That would have been very frightening! After seeing all that wonderful scenery it is the last thing you would have expected. So glad all is okay and I hope you can get repairs done without too much difficulty.

  14. Wow the lakes are amazing and the gorgeous old gums just beautiful. Such a scary experience that hail storm but glad you are okay. Not so great about the damage though

  15. Another fascinating day - the Milk Bar looks amazing. Shame about your storm damage but glad it will not stop your journey. xx

  16. Oh so pleased you are OK...poor car and van. Your photos are so amazing brings back so many memories. Keep safe..xx

  17. So glad you and your husband are OK, what a pity your van was damaged, hope the insurance will pay. Thanks for sharing, keep safe and enjoy your adventure. Guida

  18. loving travelling with you by pictures, since you didn't take me in your case. scary hail... mother nature can certainly make sure we know who is in charge.... glad all ok though


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