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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving on Part Two

On our journey to Mildura, I was keen to see the Silo Artwork at a little place called Brim.....amazing!
They are all local people. You can see by our pics the scale of them.
There is another in progress at a little place called Patchewollock and we did a little detour to check it out as well....
We met the sweetest old couple who wanted us to take a photo of them and then insisted she reciprocate.....she was unfamiliar with a tablet and took about 50 piccies of us lol!
I was interested to see these sculptures highlighting the endangered Mallee Fowl here as well.

Our visit to Mildura was fleeting and we have vowed to visit again when its cooler and NO bugs who ate me alive! Hubby still managed to drag me on to a steamboat to cruise the Murray River . We went on the Melbourne which has all original parts as is 104 years old. Still woodfired.

I did enjoy it I must admit and to see the swollen Murray River was something special. The reflections in the water were stunning!

You can see by the water lapping the dock how high the river was and it hadn't peaked yesterday.

Oh by the  way a little stitching has been happening .  I  have discovered that I can baste clamshells while we travel....

We are in Broken Hill this evening and have definitely found the "warm" much on our bucket list here! Ticked a couple off already. I will share them next post.
Are you bored yet?
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. The silo art is amazing, thanks for sharing.

  2. The silo art is out of this world!! Such a great use for a big usually bare area. So good to see so much water in the Murray.

    1. Forgot to say the clamshells are looking great

  3. Love these pics of looks so much better than we were there earlier this year, it's amazing what rain can do! The art works are amazing, aren't they? So good to see more and more art making its way into public view.

  4. Sorry you weren't here long enough to catch up. Nice chatting though

  5. Never bored. Loving your trip. Broken Hill is on my bucket list so looking forward to seeing it through your eyes.

  6. No never boring Michelle... I am enjoying seeing your journey through FB and your blog..
    Sew many amazing places to see in our beautiful country.

  7. Must go out west to see silo artwork....brilliant idea! Hope you get to Silverton whilst in Broken Hill.....lots of history in that region. Other people's travel photos are always wonderful to see. Safe travels.

  8. so are you coming past me on the way home......there is a bed made ready ..........

  9. Okay, just answered my own question about you being home!
    We are hoping to visit the painted silos in the next few weeks, too. They do look wonderful. I didn't know about the sculptures at the second one. Good news.
    I love Broken Hill. Have a great time.

  10. Wow what wonderful places you have been to. I love the silo's. Please keep the photos coming. Take care, Guida.

  11. Hi my lovely friend,lots of wonderful pics i am so enjoying this journey with you Michelle,thankyou for sharing with us ,safe travels to you both Michelle xx

  12. The silo's look fantastic! We have a water tower here which has been given a trompe l'oeil treatment but that is minor compared to your find. I love the bird sculptures too. xx

  13. Wow you have seen some amazing sites. Fantastic photos....some lovely paintings coming up I bet your head is spinning. Have fun and be safe..xx

  14. We must go and see the silos. They look amazing and so glad you got to see them while you were down here. And the paddle steamer looked like fun as well

  15. another fun place.. those silo's are amazing


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