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Friday, November 18, 2016

The Last Hurrah

You thought it was  over didn't you lol! Almost! We dropped  into my birthplace for a night stopover...
Set out early for our last stopover. We chose the historic  Jondaryn Woolshed which has a small camping area set amongst the precinct.

It was lovely and quiet. In fact I was feeling relaxed and enjoying the tranquillity ....
Even made a new friend.
The large posters in the amenties...... instructions for an encounter with Eastern Brown and Red Bellied Black snakes unnerved me somewhat! Mr R refused to piggyback me around to check things out...most unfair I thought!
However I found some courage and set out to explore. Snapped a few piccies to share. Just to complete my travel journal .
The old shearing sheds.

The shearers quarters.
You have to have a Smithy!
They have a cafe if you fancy a day trip. Outside a lovely waterfall with beautiful kangaroo paws...

Such a beautiful colour....I can imagine a Country Garden Thread in this colour lol!
I loved this old church way over on the hillside.
I have a thing for rusty old iron and weathered timber, so this just a collection of things that took my fancy.

The thing that has been renforced to me this trip is that even though she is a harsh Mother at times, we live in an amazingly rugged, diverse and wildly beautiful country.....sure I hate bugs and snakes and being a tad chilly. But would I go again? In a heartbeat! Even if camping is not your thing or circumstances prevent you from going to far explore what's around you. There is so much to see and wonder at.
Our last hurrah was this truly stunning sunset across the paddocks through the gum trees.
Doesn’t get any better than that.
Except home and loved ones.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle what an awesome place,you have lots of lovely pics,glad you didnt see any snakes ,though i do think that Gary should've piggy backed you around,lol xx

  2. What a lovely end to your big trip! I just love those kangaroo paws, such a superb colour......I have others, but not that one. And yes, I think the Mister should have piggybacked you around, or at least wheeled you in one of those old barrows!

  3. What a great place, mind you I dont think I could work there, too hot, not to mention the snakes and spiders, I'm a coward. Thanks for sharing, Guida.

  4. Wow what an amazing trip. You have lots of fantastic photos for memories and of course art. The inspiration must be amazing. Now to settle into the home life until you next adventure. Have to catch up soon. X

  5. Have really enjoyed your travels Michelle, that was a great place to stay, the kangaroo paws are a lovely colour. Thank goodness you didn't come across any snakes!

  6. whaaaaat???? just down the road from us????? tsk tsk Michelle... lovely place. Been such an amazing trip - are you planning your next one?

  7. What a wonderful setting. Thanks for sharing these photos and many more from your trip. All have been thoroughly enjoy.


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