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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Rain on the Roof

I love the sound of rain on the roof when you are lying in your bed. Nice soft raindrops....the garden is loving them too.
Oh how I  wish I could send it to those who need it....
Some areas of Queensland have had some decent falls and others not....Rain! Such a precious thing. Hoping it keeps falling for those who really need it.
This city slicker has been rifling through her stash for pretty candidates for her new little project...

They go so nicely with the thread I am using I think. I have had the little print earmarked for a while now. Even though I tend to use mainly DMC tbreads, Country Garden Threads Mistletoe is one I love and use a lot too.
I also have a hankering for some of these.
These baby Dresdens are so sweet when done....the trick is going to be finding complimentary scrappies to make the blades from my stash...I do like a challenge.
Well. Best finish the last little stitchery and then get started on my little plates.
Whatever you are doing, do it with your whole heart. It changes the ordinary into the sacred.
Nana gorgeous girls!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. That would be sew nice to hear rain on the roof...
    The fabrics and baby dresdan look very interesting!!
    Cute photo ...

  2. Yes, loving the rain up here. Came in the nick of time as our main dam is running low and we were about to go on even tighter water restrictions...not out of the woods yet. Love your choice of fabric for your new project.

  3. we have plenty of rain, but like you say there are plenty who have way too much and those that haven't had enough! Yippie granny time, I am looking forward to my granddaughter visiting next week!

  4. I need to get my hand on some of this Mistletoe thread that I'm seeing around blogland. I think it would be pretty to use on some of my Michelle Ridgeway designs. hmmm... off to do some shopping!

  5. Lovely picture of your GD's. They are beautiful.

  6. The rain is lovely. Doing some stitcheriers from my stach enjoying it.
    Your project looks very interesting. Enjoy.xx

  7. No rain but plenty of wind the previous 3 days 24/7. Thought the roof would blow off but at least the towels dried quickly on the line ( well pegged). Love Mistletoe CGT too. Looking forward to seeing your Dresden and stitchery.

  8. Gorgeous nanny photo. The rain sounds wonderful. Eastern Victoria had some, but not us unfortunately. Love the beautiful fabric for your new project. Look forward to seeing more

  9. I think I counted 6 drops on my windscreen today and that was the extent of it. Enjoy your rain!
    Looks like you are really getting into this new project!

  10. Rain is so necessary and yet so email areas are getting far more than they need , the poor UK right now . Love the fabrics you have chosen for your project it will be so pretty. Hugs

  11. Hi Michelle,love your fabric,your dresdens are always so lovely and boy cuties you have there,I love this pic of your GD s,xx

  12. the girls are just lovely... and you are clearly having fun with them...
    Pretty fabrics for your next project

  13. Yes, love the sound of rain on the roof, and have heard a lot of it this week! Very pretty, dainty fabrics there for your cute tiny dresdens. I wonder what you will make. Gorgeous little girls - priceless pic. xx

  14. Beautiful little girls!! Very nice fabrics you are going to use..looking forward to seeing what you create. We are the same as Ondrea..howling wind for days...wishing for some rain!


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