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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Special Evening

Last evening I joined my friends to wish our dear friend Sue a very happy "Special" birthday. Sue has been a friend for many, many years. Sue also in the winter months sails (yes in a beautiful boat) the seven it was very easy for us to get up to mischief whilst she was away and make her a quilt.
Sue was delighted and to say she was surprised is an understatement.....a truly beautiful moment! WARNING! Extremely photo heavy!
The parcel unwrapping...
The big reveal.
Group shot with the birthday girl....thanks Paul!
Our Sue is a lady of quiet elegance and beautiful taste and so we went for simple and understated. A beautiful Moda jelly roll was out starting point...thank you Theresa. Such delicious fabrics in a simple Rail Fence pattern.
Of course before Sue got back we took a sneaky shot when we finished it...Diane and Robyn P. (invisible or so she thinks) modelling Sue's quilt.
I stitched a little quilt label and I had to note her lovely sailing ship.
Happy Birthday lovely lady and many blessings for the future xxx
Now as if that wasn't enough excitement it was also lovely Monica's birthday. Diane made a delicious pumpkin cheesecake to celebrate...I know vegetables and cake! Has to be good for you...there are no photos as it disappeared down lots of little rabbit holes very quickly. Happy Birthday Monica xx
Monica bought some show and tell as she, like the rest of us has been ufoing....I just love this project folder from Faeries in My Garden...
Close up of Monica's gorgeous embroidery.
Look at inside...
Thanks for letting me share is truly gorgeous!
Needless to say it was a wonderful evening of joy, laughter and friendship and we did stitch! I think I just managed to crawl into my bed before the stroke of midnight...what good fun.
I think some quiet stitching may be the order of the day here today.
I shall leave you with a little scribble I wrote in my journal.
"A true friend is with you in sunshine and shadow. Both circumstances have the power to uplift us and hold us in a warm embrace.Nothing delights more than seeing Welcome in a friends eyes." - Michelle Ridgway.
Have a beautiful day folks.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Wonderful, Michelle - it sounds like a lovely night... the quilt you girls made for Sue sounds just perfect - and is beautiful too. Gorgeous UFO holder of Monica's. Love the sentiments in your 'scribble :-).

  2. Sew nice to celebrate special friends birthdays together...gorgeous quilt Sue received...
    Monica's folder is lovely, nice finish for her..
    Have a lovely day stiching..

  3. An awesome quilt there. Love your label. Such a lovely bunch of ladies.

  4. What a lovely time you had...that quilt will be very special to Sue!! Great to celebrate birthdays together! he folder is beautiful too...very special "scribble" of yours.

  5. Hi Michelle what a beautiful quilt you have all made for Sue its gorgeous,i love the fabrics and the project holder that Monica made is beautiful,sounds like a wonderful night for you all.xx

  6. What a beautiful quilt Michelle. No wonder she was thrilled. Happy birthday to both your lovely friends

  7. What a great night and what wonderful gifts!! The fabrics you all chose for Sue's quilt are stunning!!

  8. How exciting to give a quilter a surprise quilt! A great night.

  9. What a lovely surprise quilt for your friend!

  10. Oh what a lovely surprise for your special friend Michele.....and a great post! Cool quote too!

  11. What a wonderful special.
    A lovely group of friends.

  12. A beautiful quilt. Love the project folder, so pretty. Hugs, xx

  13. Such a lovely gift joined with fun and friends...

  14. Happy 'Special' Birthday to dear Sue, and what a beautiful quilt you all made. They are definitely Sue's colours! Looks like a great night for all.

  15. Lovely to hear you had such a fabulous time with your friends.

  16. Beautiful quilt and what a lucky lady to have such kind and generous friends. I love that project folder too. xx

  17. parties aresuch fun.. what a great quilt put together... and a lovely project folder too - so much talent

  18. Such a special post Michelle, wonderful friends, you are so lucky.

  19. Beautiful quilt and a great gift. What a lovely group of friends.


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