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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Tuesday has rolled around again and as I was thinking about my 'treasure' to share this week I was replacing matches into a box after lighting my lovely new incense sticks from the Japanese Gardens in Cowra. It occurred to me that this box was something I hold dear and treasure as it was handmade for me by my Brother a number of years ago.
It is beautifully crafted and in it I keep my favourite Meditation CD's, matches and my gorgeous Tibetan Amber Mala beads ( I bought them because the money went to aid Tibet). Mala beads are used to help you remain focused during meditation by aiding in counting the number of times a Mantra is repeated. There are 108 beads on the strand and the large bead lets you know when you have done 1 round ( thought I should explain). Treasures inside the box. Love Sacred Earth's devine music too.
My Brother is responsible for transforming my little "Angel" logo into a lovely business card for me also.
So my lovely box and it's maker plus the treasures inside are what I am sharing today by linking up to my lovely friend MELODY for "Tuesday's Treasure". Be sure to pop over and take a peek and see who else is sharing their treasures.

On the sewing front I have been as busy as a little bee with several deadlines looming and more than one project in various stages of construction and pattern writing up to wazoo!! Not complaining (only a tad) as I love it. "Mistlemouse" is a very happy little mousey as all her stitching is just about done. I had finished when she whispered a "Santa Sack" might be nice....sooooo back I went to the pencils and paper.
She is one very bossy little mouse!!!!
I think every designer and probably every quilter goes through staring at completed blocks and thinking "Ok! What now! How is this going to come together in a way that won't make me want to cut it up with sharp scissors!!!". Well I am going through this in a big way at the moment. Along with this comes the big cloud of self-doubt about what you are creating and you decide everyone else has a handle on it all except you (I know that's not true but I am really good at telling myself fairytales) it all adds up to being in a big "Funk". It usually passes if I leave well enough alone and remind myself in the scheme of things it's no big deal but of course the temptation is to just start something new. I am trying to sit on my hands so  I don't. I'll let you know how my resolve holds up.
Ok enough of the little "pity party" as I want to remind you to check out my previous post for details of
Here's to stitching.....somewhere warm I hope.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lovely post Michelle.....Brothers are the best! Well, for me they are because I don't have sisters....LOL!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. what a precious treasure Michelle.xx

  3. Your brother is very talented Michelle & I love the contents of your meditation box. You tell that cloud of self-doubt to go rain inland, it has no good reason to be at your place! Tracee xx

  4. I am a box collector, I don't have a lot but the ones I have I just adore. Your box is gorgeous and it was made just for YOU! Perfect,as, may I add, are your designs. I've seen the newies and I know that they are simply scrumptious! Silly!

  5. Tis a lovely box!! As for the designing ramble..."I hear you loud and clear" lol
    Cant wait to see how your little chrissy mouse ends up!!

  6. What a lovely treasure and all the more reason so because your brother made it for you. I love little miss Christmas Mouse and will love to see how she 'evolves'. Sounds like creativity is working hard at your place :-)

  7. a beautiful treasure and made with love too.
    Glad you are listening to miss bossy mouse. Can't wait to see the end result.
    Maybe we should all send you some of the confidence we have for you to banish those self doubts!

  8. Sounds like your brother is a treasure too. I'm also looking forward to seeing the end result of that bossy mouse!


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