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Friday, August 17, 2012

Favourite Things Friday with Shay

I am not sure if Mrs P. is hosting FTF today. I shall check later and link up if she is. But I thought as I had actually remembered I would do it anyway.
My Favourite thing today is lovely sweet Hot Chocolate with the must have pink/white marshmallows.
Riveting I hear you say.....but I am the "simple things" kind of girl. When I feel chilly I always want a warm drink to comfort me and recently when we were away in the 'freezing' bits of Australia I was having so many cups of coffee to try and warm up I was getting a little scritchy so to speak so I decided to have a hot chocolate instead.........YUM! Now I stopped feeling scritchy but I'm sure I started getting fatter so since I have been home I restrict it to a treat. I have tried lots of 'designer type and more upmarket' types of drinking chocolate but I just keep on coming back to the old fav Cadbury's ( I suppose being one of their greatest fans and devourer of the product could have something to do with it) and it is not because it matches my Hot Chokkie mug either. A simple but delicious FTF.
On the sewing front I have sorted my backing fabric and wadding for "Country Garden" and will get to tacking that up next week. I have also been keeping Miss "Bossy Mouse" quiet by paying her a fair bit of attention in the stitching department. A friend lent me a beautiful CD and so I have tucked myself up in my favourite chair with my pencils, pens and paper and have drawn many new friends which always makes me feel great. I am sure you will love them too.
Now the thing is who to make happy first.....those of you who wanted a little stitchery booklet filled with "Snowmen" or those of you who have asked for a little stitchery booklet just about "Gingies"....dilemma!!

I wish all of you a weekend doing something you for me I am very joyous as I get to go to the beautiful and talented Katie (she work miracles) and shed myself of  the "very wild and lived in look" I have been sporting since my trip. Someone told me it is typical of Leos, they hate Bad Hair days. Gosh I have had a Bad Hair month so I am getting a wee bit desperate right about now.
One last thing 2 more days left of my $8.00 Pattern sale..... finishes Sunday 19th August 2012.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. lovely post Michelle,i love hot choc also i hadnt thought of putting marshmallows in them though,good idea.xx

  2. Can't beat a hot choc drink with marshmallows to make you feel all warm and cosy...thought have to limit them a bit!

  3. Snowmen please. DH is a HC connoisseur. His 'best ever' was from a tiny cafe in Zurich but close second was what he described as liquid chocolate at Koko Black at Doncaster shopping town.

  4. Gosh Michelle , I am a "Leo" too, and have bad hair days every day.I am still in Northern N.S.W, and look like I have been dragged backwards through the Rainforest at the moment. But the weather is wonderful, warm and sunny.Loved your hot chocky post . Cheers R.

  5. Oh fiddlesticks, now I really want a cup of hot cocoa and I CAN'T! Can't wait to see all the new designs you're coming up with, girl!

  6. G'day Michelle. That hot chocolate really does look yummy and I just love marshmallows and don't they go so well with the chocolate? I have some Weight Watchers chocolate here, but sadly no marshmallows. Oh well, maybe another time. Take care. Liz...

  7. I am going for the hot cocoa,it would be so good with the much sugar for me so I have to pass on the marshmallow. I have had a bad hair month too and need to visit my hair lady. Have a good week.


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