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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quilting with Friends

Still quilting here but today I got to do it with my friends at Kay's place. We had an extra catch up day because of the public holiday 2 weeks ago and two of our lovely ladies are off tripping around. Safe Travels to Lorel and Sandra. We are like a busy train station some one is always arriving or leaving. Makes for interesting chats when they return even though we miss them when they are away.
I also got to open another Birthday pressie...don't you just love it when your Birthday goes on & on or am I the only little 'gimme piggy' around here. Anyway Kay gave me a gorgeous mug ( just right for my hot choccies) and it gives twice as proceeds go to Breast cancer research. Kay also makes beautiful handmade cards and I just adore my bluebird card I received.
How pretty are these....thanks Kay for a lovely day and my gorgeous gift.

Most of you know that my logo is a little Angel hugging a heart with my Design name on a tag tied to the heart. This little Angel was not certain to be my logo but was one of the ideas I was thinking about and i had  drawn her up to see what she looked like. She inadvertently got sent away with some other paperwork and was printed as my logo. She seemed to have had a life of her own and in the end I couldn't do without her as  I became quite fond of her, so I decided to keep her. She has represented me beautifully in advertisements, on my business cards and also on my blog.
Now I always felt she was thrown together a little and I felt I would like to honour her in a way and make her truly my own. So I thought what better way than to stitch her using methods I am extremely fond I have used needle turn applique, embroidery and some stitchery to create her in fabric.
What do you think? I am not sure whether to make a small quilt or mount it on a canvas for my sewing room.
But I am really happy I did this and I feel that she and I are now truly a team.
Enjoy your evening,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lucky you to enjoy a day sewing with friends. I think your little angel deserves a canvas or frame, that way no one will sit on her!

  2. lucky you Michelle still getting birthday presents,i love your angel she is so pretty.xx

  3. Your angel is beautiful Michelle. She would look lovely either way.

  4. Your angel is a cutie - have always admired her on your blog

  5. Love the angel. I'm thinking it would look wonderful on a canvas. Hugs,

  6. sewing with friends is so much fun... and I do love the angel you are sewing... how she has come to life with the fabric and stitching ... perfect...

  7. more lovely quilting, looks like you are making progress.
    Love your angel in fabric, she looks even more beautiful than on paper.

  8. I'd definitely be mounting that and putting in under glass. It's so pretty!

    I need to have a girly stitching day....

  9. Always delightful to catch up with friends and gves us such a lift.
    How clever is Kaye creating that beautiful card. I love it and the mug.
    Your angel turned out beautifully, you really have done her justice. I think hanging her where you can see her all the time would be perfect.

  10. Michelle I have always loved your angel. I would fix her up where I could see her all the time.

  11. Love your mug and what a worthwhile cause to donate to! I love your angel and also think that she should reside in a frame so she can watch over you while you sew.Have a great day

  12. I think either a wall hanging or a canvas will look perfect on your wall. Beautiful blue mug.

  13. The mug and card look so nice. Your sewn angel is perfect.

  14. LOVE your beautiful gifties, Michelle! And oh your angel is just too pretty, I would make her a small quilt and hang her up safely - she's delightful!

  15. Rag Tag Stitchin Angel is so gorgeous Michelle. Cheers xx

  16. Beautiful Angel come to life.
    Lovely colours for your business partner.
    Enjoy her company.


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