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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Block Done

I have finished doing all the stitchery on the "Miss Mistlemouse" blocks and am now looking at fabrics to put it all stay tuned. I hope she is finally satisfied and quiet (as a mouse. Sorry !)
I do love her though and think she is rather cute and she definitely was determined to make her presence felt.
Miss Mistlemouse also helped me resolve some issues with that 'other' project that wouldn't play nice so hopefully I have an answer.
Yesterday I went back to my stitching group who I had missed a great deal while I was away. It was so lovely to catch up and get lots of hugs even though several girls were absent ( more hugs next time). One of my dear friends lives down in our lovely Redland Bay area which is famous for it's gorgeous strawberries. I was very lucky to receive from her a big punnet of these gorgeous beauties. Check out the size of these.
That is a 50 cent piece there. They were also so sweet, just beautiful! So thank you Gaye. Don't you just love Mother Nature and the things she provides for us.
Well I must away as it is time to catch up with my old work friends for a coffee and 'decadent' cake again at our usual haunt.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Those strawberries look so yummy. Enjoy your coffee and cake.

  2. Am loving this little mouse, bet shes glad you have bought her to life :)

  3. Well done getting the stitchery completed and good luck sorting fabrics.
    Love seeing those delicious strawberries.

  4. Miss Mistlemouse is so cute and those strawberries look delicious!

  5. missy mouse looks just gorgeous. Can't wait for her t be finished.
    Can't beat fresh ripe strawberries.
    Hope you have a lovely time with your old work friends.

  6. G'day Michelle. Your little mouse is just lovely. I had some strawberries from Aldi a few weeks ago that were enormous and very tasty as well. Take care. Liz...

  7. enjoy your time with your friends Michelle and i think that is one very cute mouse.xx

  8. Love those strawberries. Such a gorgeous little mouse. Hugs,

  9. Those strawberries are humungous!!yummo!

  10. I am so looking forward to seeing Miss Mistlemouse - she's adorable! Gorgeous strawberries, girl....yum!

  11. That is without doubt the cutest mouse ever.

    I'd love to be feasting on strawberries like that! Im really hanging out for decent summer type fruit.

  12. Can't wait to see how Miss Mousie turns out,I'm already putting my hand up for the pattern when you release her :) Barb.

  13. Awesome looking strawberries and great projects.

  14. Delicious - I got some northern strawberries from the shop yesterday.
    Miss mouse looks mischievous in that sneaky pic.


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