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Friday, August 24, 2012

Favourite Things Friday with Shay

The end of the week as arrived with a flourish and I find myself thinking this week "where did it go?" It has just flashed by. I have been lucky to have caught up with lots of lovely friends this past week and today my dear friend Ann is calling in for a catch up cuppa. It is so lovely when you know some one so well and they know you, that it doesn't matter if the house is not all sparkly and spotless ( I have vacumed and dusted) just saying that's all  and you just are happy to see each other. I guess the name for it is "Friend".
My "Favourite" this week is I am happily able to don my 'other' wardrobe. You know the first one is my PJ'S and the other one is "SHORTS".....woohoo! Yes! It is so lovely and warm I am wearing shorts and a T-shirt and I am barefoot as well. Bliss!
Now I hear you saying "wait a minute" yes it is an old photo but no one is home to take a piccie of me in my shorts and although I practise Yoga I am not that supple that I can take a photo of myself.
The other lovely thing about this time of year is the reappearance of the Blue Faced Honeyeaters gathering nectar from all the native shrubs in bloom. They also have a beautiful call. I was watching them this morning from my little verandah while I ate my breakfast calling to each other across the trees. When the Jacaranda blooms they love it. Just beautiful!
I know when Spring is right around the corner.
I wish you all a weekend of your choosing and a little saying I read on a cushion somewhere....
"Whether it's a lovely day is entirely up to you"
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. The days have been beautiful Michelle. Glad you are having a lovely day catching up with a friend. I was able to do the same yesterday.

  2. What a lovely way to have your breakfast. I do envy you being able to wear shorts. Today is cold, windy and rainy after a couple of lovely mild days. Back to winter. Ho Hum.

  3. Those are the best kinds of friends. The beach looks so inviting. Glad you are getting to enjoy some beautiful weather.

  4. Thank you for such a lovely post. It's wonderful to hear someone so content and happy. No shorts here unfortunately. Sounds like spring has arrived at your place though. Enjoy.

  5. lovely pic of you Michelle and that bird is so cute.xx

  6. Lucky you! You dressed quite differently when you visited Melbourne lol.
    what a beautiful bird pic.
    love your description of a 'friend', I agree.

  7. WooHoo Michelle.... and guess what?
    I'm in shorts too! We are practically neighbours! See you next week! :)

  8. I know what you mean about the weather. I Just loved today. Your bird photo is great.

  9. G'day Michelle. You look great in shorts, sadly no shorts here in Melbourne. The weather is cold, wet and gloomy.Love the Blue Faced Honeyeater, great photo. Take care. Liz...

  10. Hi Michelle. Glad you are enjoying the warmer weather. I am also sporting shorts, t-shirt and bare feet today. Can't believe that on Tuesday night when I went to bed, I just could not get warm and last night, I had to wear little cotton pj's. The warmer weather is heading in rather fast.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  11. Typical Melbourne weather... 20 degrees one day ( balmy and beautiful) 14 degrees the next day, rain and biting wind. looking forward to the Spring and shorts.

  12. How nice to be barefoot at the beach already! And the bird is gorgeous.

  13. Im itching to wear short sleeves and shorts...that is going to be my favourite thing in just a couple of weeks!

    Hope you had a blast with your friend.


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