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Friday, August 31, 2012

I Don't Know Where to Start...

I feel this week as if all my Birthdays & Christmases have come at once in a good way of course. If you don't enjoy cups overflowing with Joy you should look away now as this post is simply full of it.
Most of you will know the simply gorgeous Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' and if you don't you should give yourself a treat and visit her lovely blog. Now Cheryll is the Queen of hosting lovely swaps bringing us like minded stitchers together. I was in her Santa Sack Swap last year and loved it but I was sad as I thought due to our trip I wouldn't be able to problems for our Cheryll. She said she would be my partner and wait until I got home just so I could be in it. Yippee! Said I!
When I got home from hols I got a lovely email from her telling me she was in fact here in Queensland (great excitement here) and was virtually going to be driving past me on the highway so we decided to have a 'van friendly' meet up so Cheryll could hand over my "Santa Sack/tote". We met at the Springwood Lions Club yesterday for cake and coffee.
What a delight she is in person. I loved meeting her and we talked and talked and could have kept talking if time had not intruded. Cheryll and I decided we would exchange tote bags to store our stash of Chrissy presents in waiting and mine is just gorgeous and in my favourite "RED" checks. Next to spots another big fav. A sweet red/white heart decoration on the handle is for my tree when it's Santa time.
I think some one has been telling Cheryll 'porkies' about my ability to leave pressies alone because it came with strict instructions...
As if I would!!! I bet it was that Shez!
My bag is full of 3months worth of gifties...oohh! Be still my beating heart.
Aren't the tags cute. It has made me come down with a huge case of "Yuletide" Happiness.
Of course like all bloggers we had to take a pic and Cheryll's very patient hubby obliged.
Thanks so much Cheryll it was wonderful to meet you and I wish you and Hubby safe travels home.
Now if that wasn't enough Joy for one day when I got home I found my "on line Friends Spring swap" parcel from Dale from Day-Days Blog which contained more gorgeous treasures which included this beautiful table runner from reproduction fabrics. There was cute sewing tools and sweeties....I was very spoilt. Thank you Dale....all just gorgeous.
Well you would think that would have been more than my allocation of happiness but wait like the Knives salesman says "There is More". When I went out this morning I had another parcel on my doorstep and I thought the DVD maniac in my house had been ordering more and was so surprised when I saw it was addressed to me.
The very naughty but extremely nice Fiona from Bubzrugz had sent me this gorgeous gift and when I read her card I was quite undone.....she said she loved this stitchery and it made her think of me. I love Anni Downs work and I very rarely get time to stitch other designers work and admit to a tinge of green when I see all the lovely stitching you girls do and now I have a special piece of my own.
Well this was followed by much blubbing on my behalf and it now has pride of place on a special little table I love. The card was beautiful and she knows me so well as it was accompanied by chocolate and gorgeous red fabric. I was (very unusual for me) totally speechless!
Thank you so much Fiona for your heartfelt kindness. My stitchery will always be treasured. I love it.
Well that as they say is that!! Wow! What a week I have had.
When I see the kindness and genorosity of spirit of my lovely blogging friends as I pop by to visit or experience it first hand it never ceases to amaze and delight me. It is not the 'things' that are given (although gorgeous) but the sentiment and affection with which they are given. It really reinforces what I believe, that the world truly is full to overflowing with simply wonderful people and I know a whole lot of them and call them friends.
Blessings Friends,
Michelle xxx
PS this is for my new follower Kat. I tried to answer your inquiry but my email bounced back to me...Sorry!


  1. lol,lol you made my day Michelle,i couldnt stop laughing you are a charactor,doesnt Chez look well and rested from her warm holidays,we are still freezing and wet down my way.
    What a beautiful person our Fiona is and what a lovely parcel to send you,bloggers certainly are the best.
    Namaste my friend.xx

  2. Lots of Joy there for you Michelle. Beautiful gifts. Hugs

  3. lol too busy laughing and i forgot to say what a lovely bag Chez made for you and those preesies look very tempting,lol,i am not saying a word,lol.And i love your runner from Dale,gorgeouse fabrics.xx

  4. G'day Michelle. Your tote bag, stitchery and runner are beautiful gifts. I don't think I would be able to wait until Xmas to open my pressies. The temptation would be too much for me. I am no good at that sort of thing!!! Take care. Liz...

  5. What a wonderful post full of so much well deserved loveliness. I'm looking forward to read all your blog posts for the last month, hugs.

  6. You have had a special week, so many lovely goodies, and surprises yet to open. Love the tote bag.

  7. WOW lucky you Michelle, what a wonderful day of goodies for you. I especially love the tote bag for pressies arrived in. Cheers xx

  8. what a wonderful week you have had Michelle.
    Sew nice to have met Cheryll...

  9. wow your are one lucky girlie! All of that loveliness is very well deserved and to throw in a bloggy catch up- heaven.

  10. I don't blame you one little bit for your gushing over abundance of joy! Lol. I would be on cloud 9 too. So many lovely things. The tote and stitchery are so special. Good on you for not opening your pressies all at once. If I knew it was sweeties inside it would be all over, red rover! Lol.

  11. What a gorgeous bag. No-one can pinch it from you unless their initials are MR! I love the table runner from Dale. A lovely stitchery from Fiona as well. You have had a good week!

  12. I cry about similar things too!!! haha.... I love that Christmas tote - it is perfect and no mistaking it will hold your pressies.... so hard not to peek though... and such a pretty runner....

  13. What fabulous presents, I love weeks like that!! Having such nice friends really helps to lift our spirits. Hugs xx

  14. Lovely gifts, lovely times and well deserved.

  15. Such a lovely post. thank you for sharing your special time and lovely gifts. hugs

  16. What a wonderful day you had Michelle - all those pressies look so lovely and very tempting. Very spoilt, but deservedly so xx

  17. Such a lovely day for you in many ways , meeting with Cheryll and receiving all those goodies , couldn't happen to a nicer person . Hugs Sheila

  18. Yippee... I smiled all the way until the flat tyre! But that's another story!
    Fantastic meeting up and sharing a treat too. So happy you like your tote and remember the elves are watching those! :)


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