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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Post Script in Native Blooms

The last page in our trip dairy is just a couple of the gorgeous native blooms I snapped along the way. There was beautiful wattle all along our drive out to Alice Springs.
I had imagined the outback to be a pretty desolate place and it came as a huge surprise to me to find these patches of colour tucked away in little crevices or just defying the elements and growing right out there in the harsh sun. Some I have no clue as to what they were or their names but that didn't make them any less special to behold. This little red number was growing in Trephina Gorge and we discovered them when we got very lost.
Of course we all know Stuart's Desert Rose but I had never seen one in the pretty  and delicate.
And then there were the daises....tiny blue ones.
and pink ones.....
There were these lovely bigger daisies called 'egg yolk' daisies...
and the yellow ones...
We came across these beautiful shrubs on our walk into Standley Chasm. No idea what they are.
The simply stunning blossoms of the gums were something to behold.
and even when they had finished blooming they left these beautiful gum nuts to admire.....
There seemed to be loads of these native violets tucked into the cooler crevices around the rocks.
I loved these fluffy delicate bushes that were every where in the Macdonell Ranges.
A Tennant Creek pretty....
A stunning red number from a 'town like Alice'.

I think one of my favourites was this little shrub and I think it is called the pin cushion bush.
So I think I would have to agree with whoever said "The Earth Smiles in Flowers" as it truly does if you take the time to stop, open your eyes and look....
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Wonderful flowers and shrubs , so different than I am familiar with in these parts , thanks for sharing :-)

  2. what a lovely saying michelle and lots of beautiful flowers there,glad you are bothsaftly home,Nasmaste Michelle.xx

  3. More beautiful photos Michelle. Hope you get time to have a breather and put your feet up for a while. Hugs....

  4. Beautiful pictures. I am always amazed at what can survive and grow in our harshest areas. Glad you were able to see and enjoy them.

  5. G'day Michelle. They are lovely photos Michelle, the flowers are gorgeous. It's amazing what we see when we take the time to look, isn't it. I wish I could get all of those flowers to grow down here in Victoria where I live. Take care. Liz...

  6. Hello Michelle,

    Our native plants are just so tough, the seeds can remain dormant then burst into life with a bit of rain.

    Thanks for sharing.

    happy days.

  7. What a very beautiful post, the different colours are stunning.


  8. We have some amazing and interesting native flowers don't we. Lovely photos Michelle.

  9. Thank you! A reminder that sping is on the way - just what I needed after the vile winter weather we had here today!

  10. What beautiful pictures. Love seeing all those different plants.


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