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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quietly Quilting

It has been a lovely quiet weekend and apart from a visit out to a new "Creative Market" at our local school I have been quietly doing some hand quilting on My Country Garden.
I really like this block and the thing I love about hand quilting is the quiet reflection of the work you have already completed on your quilt as you go along. I love running my hands over the little hills and valleys the quilting makes. Does anyone else do this or is it just me???
2 blocks down and 7 to go.
While we were at the markets Gary managed to find the "Cake Stall" in record time (surprise!) and we bought home a small selection to share.
These were made by the clever girls at Velvetier (click on their name for the link) and when we got home were taste tested by our youngest Grandson who gave them the thumbs up.
It was a lovely little market and I hope it continues to grow. I think there is nothing nicer than a lovely original handmade gift.There was lots of beautiful funky fabric creations made by young women which was so nice to see. I bought some other bits and pieces but they are for my "secrets" stash. There was a yummy woodfired pizza stall and gorgeous coffee too.
Apparently the markets are going to be on the last Sunday of each month and there is a website As Springwood Central State School was where my children did their primary schooling and also the fact my most beloved Uncle Anthony was the first Principal of the school we always try and support their fetes etc.
We are looking forward to 30th September for the next one.
I am off to my favourite chair and my quilting now and I am still hopeful that the quilt in the "Naughty Corner" will behave and tell me how it would like to be finished.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What beautiful stitching. I have not hand quilted. But yours has turned out beautifully.

  2. G'day Michelle. Your hand quilting looks lovely. I have not tried it yet, maybe one day. Those cakes look delicious, they are making my mouth water. Take care. Liz...

  3. I am a sucker for a handmade or home grown market - such a lovely way to spend time on the weekend :) I was wondering about your recalcitrant quilt, clearly it's still has an attitude problem...

  4. what beautiful quilting progress. Lovely cakes!
    Hope your naughty quilt plays nice this afternoon.

  5. Beautiful quilting. I love the feel of hand quilting as you work, and when finished. I like your thoughts re contemplating the work already done as you quilt. I get that.

  6. lovely stitching Michelle i havent hand quilted before,but yours look lovely,yum my those cakes are to die for,yummy and what a wonderful market,wished i lived closer,i love a good market.xx

  7. stunning work as always Michelle. I love the look of hand quilting and I just love to do it myself (a lot of people think that is just crazy). Odd!!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  8. Beautiful stitching Michelle. i love going to the local markets, it's a nice way to spend part of the weekend.

  9. Lovely quilting, we went to a Market today too, was yumm...your cupcakes look divine....enjoy your stitching afternoon.

  10. Thanks for the link to those markets - hopefully I'll get there someday - although the dates clash for me - love your hand quilting. It can be very relaxing - if you enjoy doing it!! (I don't)

  11. I've never hand quilted anything but I'm sure if I did I'd be running my hands all over it. Your quilting and project looks wonderful!

    I love handmade items and make a beeline for all the handmade stuff at markets. I really wish more people gave handmade gifts instead of mass produced junk. That would support our local artisans and ensure that markets like this survived.

  12. Your quilted blocks look lovely Michelle.

  13. I adore hand quilting...I have only hand quilted one quilt but I do know what your talking about.

  14. Would you look at that gorgeous quilting!!!! Oh yes Michelle, I run my hands over it too, I just love the way it feels. Hand quilting is my favorite.
    The cup cakes look so yummy - so glad you had such a nice weekend, hon!

  15. I too love hand quilting, oddly enough. Those little cakes look too good to eat, almost hehe. I hope you got to sample the cakes too.
    Your little market sounds like a must visit if/when we are up that way.

  16. Michelle I think I found the email problem. It may be fixed. Let me know

  17. beautiful stitching... I have done very little hand quilting but I want to give it more of an effort..... yummy cakes.... your man is a keeper if he can find treasures like that!!

  18. I love markets but we don't really have them in the Naki. I love your stitcherys they look gorgeous and the quilting.


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