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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

It is so nice to be back and linking up to my lovely friend MELODY for Tuesday's Treasures, one of my favourite things to do. If you haven't heard of it before you can share a treasure of your own by visiting Melody's lovely blog ( just click on her name at the beginning of the post) and linking up. You can then also visit and  admire other folk's treasures. Counting your treasures or blessings is a great thing to do.
My treasure today reflects my childhood  love of "Faeries" and their stories. Some folk's say I am often away with them.......
I found this book on the bargain throw out table at a well known book store and I just had to bring it home.
It is called "Return to Fairyopolis" and is a Journal and type of scrapbook (you know how I love a journal) of a girl called Dulcie and it purports to be a pen pal type relationship she had with the wonderful artist and poet Cicely Mary Barker of "Flower Fairies" fame who is also a favourite of mine.
The pages are full of collages and letters and cards from the poet and Dulcie's musings about fairies in her garden and her love of Cicely's work. It is very Victorian in look although the letters date from the 1930's. The credits say they have proven the people and events took place but cannot scientifically prove the substance of the book (which is the fairies) LOL! Loved that bit.

I am such a huge child at heart and the final thing that sold me on this beautiful book was the last pages are a gorgeous "Pop-up" which plays tinkly "fairy" type music........ooohhh I was a goner. "Come on" I said "hop in the my basket!"
So I guess my "Treasure" today is our inner child and it's wonderful imagination. Long may it continue to dream and imagine.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. what a gorgeous book Michelle i havent seen one like this ,what a treasure.xx

  2. WOW you found a wonderful treasure Michelle, the book is just glorious. xx

  3. Such a beautiful book and I agree we should all treasure our inner child. Hugs

  4. Such magic and journeys we can fill in a book..... thank you for sharing

  5. what a lovely book... i hope you always keep the child in you... she's very endearing!!

  6. What a lovely find Michelle, fancy it being on a bargain table.I would not have been able to resist it either. I agree with all the comments, hugs from Rosalie.

  7. What a beautiful book , the illustrations look wonderful and the content sounds just delightful , a real treasure :-) hugs Sheila


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