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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody, a Celebration & November Giveaway

Well as I haven't been out with the 'teds' on a picnic for quite awhile I am looking forward to seeing who is enjoying the beautiful sunshine. "Little Posy" as I call her is eager to go and can't wait to play in the sunshine with all the other picnicers.I made "Little Posy" but I don't have her pattern anymore but I bought it in Bendigo many years ago (I think it may have been a Teddyworks pattern but I am not sure) along with the fabric for her dress. I love her stocking feet and little jacket. She is smiling because she had a cloth body and I probably didn't torture her when she was being made. She is off to visit MELODY to see who else is at the picnic.
Sweet "Little Posy" Bear
25 years ago 4 young Mothers began a course to learn the art of patchwork and quilting. They enjoyed each others company and one of the young Mums collected the others phone numbers and hence my beautiful stitching group of friends was thus created. The four original members are still an inspirational to us all. I have been with the group for 17 wonderful years and treasure all our great memories....the happy, the funny and the sad. They were always there with hugs, advice and support and laughter.
We decided this was truly a milestone to celebrate and so 9 of the 10 of us (Jacky was forced against her will to attend a compulsory course) went to Mt Tamborine for the day. We started with a lovely coffee, some shop wandering, browsing and yes for some of us buying and then headed off to "ST BERNARDS" Hotel for lunch. This Hotel is an icon on Mt Tamborine and has the most spectacular views from the back deck. We were met at the door by a very 'disinterested 'Maitre D' despite much encouragement from Kay our resident dog whisperer. A little bit of a disappointing reception on this momentus occassion but we proceeded with our celebration and had a wonderful lunch.

The entrance to the Hotel
Our very "enthusiastic" Maitre D at the front door.
Gorgeous Kay trying to rouse some kind of interest in our Host.
"The Girls" *Anne on the left in white was the one who took the other girls phone numbers. The rest clockwise are Kay, *Lorel, yours truly, Denise, *Sandra, Gaye, *Bev and Moira. The stars are the original 4.
Lorel, myself and Denise ( whose inspiration it was to have a celebration)
The view from our table.
My heartfelt thoughts about these wonderful women are as follows:
"Seeing the genuine delight on a friends face when they greet you is a gift no money in the world can buy."
Congratulations girls and many, many more to come and Jacky you were sorely missed.

I feel as every post since I returned has been an epic but I have had so much I wanted to share and record.
Anyway I decided that as the 3 winners last month seemed to enjoy choosing their own pattern as a prize I would repeat the if you would like to leave me a comment and go into a draw I will draw out 3 winners and they can choose 1 of my patterns as their prize. Good Luck everyone! I do hope you actually got this far in my post today. LOL!

Remember! You may never know how your encounter with another may affect them so always try and make it a postive one and have them leave your presence richer for the experience.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. What a gorgeous post to read. How wonderful to have been stitching friends all these years. Hope you spend many many more together.
    Oh I would love a chance to win and then chose one of your patterns thank you.

  2. Great to see Little Posy at the picnic. I must agree that I find it easier to work with the cloth bodies too.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how your stitching group started. Your are right - you never know how things will develop. So pleased you all managed to celebrate this friendship.

  3. What a fabulous post. Your stitching group look like a wonderful bunch.
    Your little teddy is a charmer and I just love the cushions behind her.
    Thanks so much for playing along.

  4. Beautiful post. Your bear is gorgeous & i love the cushions behind her. So wonderful to read about your stitching group. Hugs,

  5. Lovely post and so nice to see your friends get together and celebrate all those wonderful years together .Your little Posie Bear is just adorable .I'd be very happy to have a chance to win one of your great patterns, thanks for the chance.

  6. What a lovely place to visit and a wonderful milestone worth celebrating. How fantastic to have such a treasured group of friends to share everything with. Congratulations to you all, and I wish you many more such days.

  7. What a wonderful group of friends you have. Winning one of your patterns also sounds wonderful. And, the little bear is so adorable. Enjoy the picnic!

  8. Hi Michelle - don't worry, I enjoy all your posts, no matter how long or short they are! It looks like you had the perfect day for your get together.
    I haven't been to Mt Tambourine since I was young and head-over-heals for a 'dashing' army officer from Ennogera. I can't remember his full name - but I do remember the wonderful views and interesting places around the Mt Tambourine area :)

  9. What a spectacular place to have such a wonderful celebration. I also enjoy your posts no matter the length and Little Posy is delightful. Lucky you to have been in a sewing group that long. Think ours is reaching maybe 15 years together so maybe we should celebrate!

  10. Hi Michelle, I think it is a wonderful post too,your little Posy bear is a "Teddy Works" pattern, if you ever want to make it again let me know, as I still have it in my collection.I also loved reading about Tamborine Mountain, DH and I had a great trip there several years ago. Hugs from R.

  11. Darling teddy! I did get this far in your post, to see your giveaway, which is very nice by the way. Trish

  12. G'day Michelle. Your little bear is so lovely, what a cutie she is. Your stitching group should be congratulated, friendships formed over all those years are the really enduring ones.Take care. Liz...

  13. What a wonderful way to celebrate such a great friendship. I hope you have many more years of friendship.
    Maybe the maitre'd had been drinking some rescue brandy.
    Or was he perhaps just a rug?

  14. What a lovely story, looks like you had a fab day. Thanks for the giveaway, love the chance to win one of your patterns.

  15. lovely post Michelle,lovely to read

  16. I have loved all your posts since your return from holidays Michelle with photos from your trip and treasures found.

  17. Little Posy is sweet!
    Lovely to read about your friendship group!

  18. Posy is such a cutie. What a great group you have. It must be nice to have been together so long. Obviously life is too tiring for the Maitre de! Tracee xx

  19. What a great post! Thanks for sharing it all! I love reading about your adventures! I love your stitcheries too and would love to win a pattern! Have a great day! :)

  20. A very special post Michelle ''Friends'' xxx

  21. Hello Michelle,

    A wonderful story about your friends and the stitching group.
    A truly beautiful quote at the end.
    happy days.


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