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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another Lovely Day!

This week seems to be the week for catching up with lovely friends. Today I had lunch with a lovely friend of mine, Diane. It was lovely to see what she has been stitching and up to. Diane has exquisite taste and loves nothing more than putting together fabrics in fabulous combos. She is also a beautiful bag maker and we used to very rudely call her "The Bag Lady". Diane along with my friend Ann has been so supportive and encouraging to me in my designing efforts. Always showing me how pleased they are for me, giving me ideas and tips and it has meant the world to me as I sadly discovered that not everyone is pleased by your success no matter how low key you try to keep it. But that's enough of that as my blog is a place happiness and gratitude and I am very grateful for a freind like Diane. I have a photo here of Diane with some bags (of course) she is stitching from my "Holly & Berries" gift bag pattern. Thanks so much Diane for a wonderful Day.
3 Little bags in a row...the last one is not my stitchery design. It's so very cute though.
I also have finished and wrapped my last swap pressies and I wonder where they are going and who they are for?????????
Secrets, Secrets, Secrets!!!
I don't know if I shared this little quote with you before but it is one of my favourites and this week it seems to be a perfect fit.
"Hang with the Happy" by Paul Wilson from his little book "Moments of Pleasure"
"Absorb the happiness that others enjoy; spend more time with happy people and you will discover that happiness is catching."
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. So glad you had another wonderful day.

  2. such fun to get together with friends... I did today aswell even though I had lots to do at home!! Love Dianne's bags... lots of secret stuff.. and I love that quote.. that's how I manage to survive.. with lovely positive people around...

  3. positive thinking and positive people around no room for negatives.
    Love the bags that Dianne did,cute as.
    So glad you had a lovely day,and you teaser with those lovely pressies.ox

  4. Lovely Quotes :) and the bags are gorgeous. Hugs - Fee XX

  5. The quote is perfect. It is so true about being affected by the people you hang with. Glad to see you are hanging with happy people. I love the little bags :)

  6. Sounds like the perfect week. Embracing your quote for the day! It is very true. Diane's bags look beautiful.

  7. What lovely wee bags. Always nice to spend time with friends.
    It is starting to really feel like Christmas seeing all the pressies wrapped and sent to secret swappers.

  8. Diane did a lovely job of making the bags and your patterns are beautiful .Glad you got to spend another lovely day with a friend. Great quote and so true!

  9. Great quote. Sad about the negative people but nothing we can do to help that. The cream rises to the top & same with sweet friends like Dianne & we all love every minute of your success as it means we get beautiful patterns. Glad your day was fun. Tracee xx

  10. Love the bags. Sounds like Dianne is a wonderful friend. Glad you had a lovely day. Great quote, i love it. Hugs,


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