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Monday, November 28, 2011

Brissy Bloggermeet & Jingle Time

Well I have finally had my much awaited dusting of 'Elf magic' and am starting to feel a wee bit Christmassy.
So don't say I didn't warn you. Saturday I dragged out the Christmas boxes and did a little bit of "throwing Christmas" about. I have oodles of Christmas decorating items (because I have a problem) and every year I start out by saying I'll just put a little bit up and as soon as I open a box and see some of my Christmas favourites I just have to open one more to look for such & such and then it is all over bar the Christmas tunes. I was resisting starting this process until my DIL said "you're late with your decorating this year". So at the moment my house looks like Santa and the Elves and Reindeers have been into the Brandy Sauce and the "funny" Christmas brownies and gone completely mad. Boxes are littered everywhere with Decos hanging out of them and I am thinking why? why? why? can't I be like everyone else and just have a tree.
On Sunday the gorgeous MAREE and I travelled down to Cleveland on Brisbane's Bayside to meet up with other Brisbane Bloggers for a cuppa and a nice lunch. It was a typical Queensland day with lots of sunshine and a tad warm. We had a great time and I loved getting to know these beaut Brisbane (and surrounding areas) girls. I also discovered once again it really is a small world. Now I hope blogger plays nice because I want to show you the photos of these lovely girls.
The lovely old "Grand Hotel" Cleveland.
Brisbane, blogging, bevy of beauties!!!!!
Myself and Maree...we're smiling must have been after the citrus tart.
Yours truly and Noela - we were in the same class at tafe for our Studio pottery course and spent 3 years together and I haven't seen her since 1988.....incredible!
Joy and Marilyn
Lynda and Susan
Kayly - she and I discovered we worked for the same company but at different times!!
Thank you Blogger! Have a wonderful Monday and remember to treasure those you love and mean the most to you.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. what fun Michelle, wish I could have made it too.... good luck with sorting the decorations!!!

  2. lol,you are so funny,just picturing xmas thrown around everywhere.How nice to catch up with blogging friends.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful day with some gorgeous ladies. I loved our March meet up so much and so wish I could have been there again :)

    Fee X

  4. Looks like a fun day was had by all. I was supposed to get there but my transport was unavailable. :( Maybe next time.Hugs,

  5. It was so good to be able to put faces to another couple of bloggers and catch up again with the ones I met in March. It was such a lovely day.

  6. You sound like me at Christmas....One of Miss Molly's friends walked in a couple of years ago and said..."Oh my Gosh it looks like Santa threw up in here!!!" Lol so if you think you have lots of Xmas things you are not alone...And every year it grows...x

  7. It was lovely to catch up with you Michelle after all that time. Just wish I had a better memory. I so enjoyed meeting all the ladies and am looking forward to the next one. Have a great Xmas. Hugs Noela

  8. It is a very small world! looks like you had a fantastic catch up. How wonderful for all of you.
    Happy Christmas decorating!

  9. Well now, I want to see a pic of what your house looks like when Santa gets into the brandy sauce, lol! That looks like such a fun day Michelle, I'm so glad you got to go and had a great time!!!

  10. What a wonderful way to enjoy a day together.
    And good luck with the decorating.

  11. I wish I'd been able to go... It looks like you all had a lovely day xx

  12. Hi Michelle just wanted to tell you you are not alone with the going overboard on the xmas decorating - I too just love it - I sew xmas all year round, and can't walk past a chrissy deco that catches my eye in a shop. It is now so bad I have to put many of my everyday treasures away for a month or two just to accommodate my xmas lol

  13. Looks like you ladies had lots of fun.
    Enjoy the Christmas throwing results it sure is pretty when done.

  14. Hello Michelle,

    A perfect day with fellow bloggers. Your Christmas decoratin sounds like a lot of fun. Lots of photo's coming up in a post I hope.

    Happy decorating.

  15. Looks like a wonderful day Michelle. I bet you girls had an absolute blast.

    So Christmas has exploded at your house?


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