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Monday, November 7, 2011

All Hexied Out.

"Woody Head" headland walk north of Ilkua.
Good morning one and all. Welcome to this wonderful Monday. I just thought I would share with you my holiday sewing which thanks to the inspiring "hexie" making ladies in blogland helped me get going again with my "Hexie" quilt I started a verrrry long time ago. I managed to get all the little flowers done down one side and attached and all the fill in hexies done down each side and partway along the top edge. It was supposed to be a much larger quilt but I know if I don't finish it now it won't get done. The hexies are 2 inches finished and were a bit small for me. I would like to do a slightly larger one. I also tacked yes with needle and thread all the hexies on there papers because I could not remember what the gluey stuff was that you girls use and I doubt they would have sold it at the bait shop anyway. So I still have a little ways to go but I feel at least I may get it finished a big thanks girls!!! I also finished "My Country Garden" stticheries. Just waiting to be put together now. So I wasn't completely idle staring out at the water.
My Hexie quilt.
"My Country Garden" stitcheries finished!!!
We had a family of ducks that came to visit us every day. We counted 11 in all one day. It is hard to believe but most of them are juvenile birds with their parents and boy did they grow in 2 weeks.
THE  VEGIE PATCH! can you believe it. I even gave away some lettuce and basil. I have loads of tomatoes but not ripe yet and the cucumber plants are full of flowers which I hope means....cucumbers.
I hope your day exceeds your expectations in the most wonderful way. Me! I have to get my pancake eating and fish and chip eating body on to my Yoga mat today.....after sitting and observing some of natures most beautiful places I truly believe real life is Yoga.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. A fabulous hexie quilt, you clever thing. All your sewing is beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful quilt, Michelle. You should be very proud of yourself. *grin*

  3. You are doing a wonderful job on the hexie quilt.. no matter how long it's taken!
    Love the holidays snaps too! :)

  4. Beautiful quilt and so are the other your work! Hugs!

  5. Phew... you did a lot on the gorgeous hexie quilt... fantastic.. and I love your stitcheries (of course I do!!)... wow the veges have come on - amazing what happens when you go away for a bit.... do you make basil pesto??? yummmmmmmmmmm

  6. beautiful scenery Michelle and nothing better than fresh vegs picked from your own garden.

  7. Your hexie quilt are gorgeous. Love the stitcheries. Hugs,

  8. Lovely sewing on both the hexie quilt and the stitcheries.
    Love the see your garden growing so well. Lots of goodness coming from there, soon.

  9. Your Hexie Quilt is gotrgeous.
    I though they weresurposed to take forever.
    Enjoyed tyour photos.

  10. Gorgeous Michelle! I love looking at everyone's hexie quilts!! Yours is just beautiful!!

  11. What a lovely quilt. I know you are proud you have it finished. What a shame it would have been to not have finished it. I would be scared to even atempt one of these.
    Have a great week. Trish

  12. Wow, you were busy Michelle. Lovely hexies and stitcheries AND your vegie patch was busy too while you were away. Have a lovely week.

  13. Your hexie quilt is just gorgeous! I love it. I am glad it has made an appearance and will get finished. Your country stitcheries are so beautiful all together.
    Happy yoga-ing.

  14. Michelle, your holiday spot looks perfect and your hexie quilt is gorgeous! You are so close to finishing.

  15. Hello Michelle

    No fish but plenty of hexies. Just beautiful. I will be around to taste your cucumbers soon.
    happy days.

  16. Well You have been busy while on your Trip..Well Done on your Hexie Quilt it looks Beautiful & know what you mean about a Finish..
    Lovely Stitcheries too..
    talk soon

  17. I love your hexie quilt Michelle . It looks gorgeous. Truly gorgeous.

    Any project that gets finished is a good project . Genius sometimes takes a bit longer though.

  18. Gorgeous hexie quilt Michelle & can't wait to see how you put together the stitcheries. Great vege garden! Tracee xx

  19. Your hexie quilt is beautiful. And ahaha the serenity - is that from The Castle - best movie of all time! Had to laugh at my Aussie cousins!


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