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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stitching with Friends.

I went stitching with friends today at my friend Sandra's lovely home. We were a small crew but a fun day was had by all. Sandra as I have mentioned before is an extraordinary cook and always treats us to something devine. Today we had Almond flan with raspberries and cream...Yum! And of course our tea out of lovely china cups....I love every 2nd Wednesday. Sandra purchased my baby quilt pattern "Honey Bear Wishes" to make for a friend's new little one and she had show and tell with it today. She has done a beautiful job and her fabric choice was gorgeous. Sandra has a wonderful talent when it comes to putting fabrics together in a glorious way and this wee quilt is no exception. It gave me a real thrill to see it done in her colourway. It's the bit I love best seeing what others do with my pattern.
The lovely Sandra with Honey Bear Wishes (the photographer is a bit crook)
I have posted off my parcel to my Santa Sack partner TARNYIA a little early but I have had such a busy week tied to my computer guessed it 5 sets of instructions and YAY! I did it. For a few weeks anyway. So today I got to do some nice easy peasy stitching and chat.
Hmmm! Wonder what's in here??????
Off to perform my 'Domestic Goddess" duty and cook dinner.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Sandra's quilt is absolutely wonderful. Glad you had such a fun day. I went stitching at Rosalie's today with my sewing group and we had chocolate raspberry cupcakes. Aren't we both lucky having great friends who bake such delicious treats.

  2. YUM !!! Almond flan with Raspberries and cream. Blessed are the friends who bake.

  3. Yes Sandra did a lovely job.. so fresh and pretty! And speaking of fresh.. yum the flan! :)

  4. Sandra's quilt is lovely ,very pretty baby quilt! It sounds like you had a fun day and that flan sounded heavenly :-)

  5. Lovely baby quilt.Have a good Thanksgiving. Trish

  6. Love that quilt!

    I wish I had a quilting group full of baking friends. Wait. Perhaps not, my hips couldn't stand it.

  7. Love the colours used in the baby quilt... mmmm that parcel looks very squeezeable xxx

  8. Sounds like a good day was had by all. Rosalie's raspberry cupcakes were to die for so yummy.Love the baby quilt. Glad you like my AHHH hexies.. they are such fun to do

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day, delicious food, good friends and sewing. Sandra's quilt is lovely, beauiful colours and your pattern is lovely too.


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