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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Everyday and for always Treasures

Due to the extemely sad news revealed on Melody's earlier post on Monday about out friend Liz's loss we won't be linking to her blog today. Melody asked us to reflect on our 'real treasures' this week and let them know  just how precious they are to us. So it is with much love to my Children and Grandchildren I deciate this little post to them. Simple things become the traditions of your Family.
We like a lot of other families have the tradition of the special photo taken on Santa's knee...some showed expressions of excitement and delight....others uncertainity....who is this big hairy guy??? I love them all.
I treasure these photos of our little Grandson's as I do  the one of their parents taken many years ago that takes pride of place on our sideboard every year.(I'm sorry I couldn't get a better photo of it) It takes me instantly back to that day and how we always had to go into "Big Town" (the city) to see the real Santa. We would plan the big day and excitement would mount as the day approached. It is one of my favourite memories with my children. It was always such an exciting day, looking at all the windows dressed in Christmas splendor and some had Christmas stories which continued in each window. I loved to watch their faces light up with excitement. We always had a special  lunch as well. My Son insisted on having his Sister with him for this photo and chat with Santa as it was all a bit daunting for him to do all by himself.....he soon got over that in the following years and was first with his list.
It is also a lovely record of how they had grown each year. I love having the 2 extras photos now  to place beside it on the side board of my beauitful Grandsons and I recognise the pleasure my kids get from doing this with their little ones.

The real Santa in "Big Town"

I'm starting to get the hang of this "Santa" caper! (eldest Grandson)
Hey! This bloke's really fun. (Baby Grandson on his first visit to Santa)
My Children and Grandchildren are the Treasure I hold most dear everyday of every year.
I have had in the last few days some very exciting parcels from my lovely 'post lady'......
First my Advent Swap parcel arrived absolutely choccers from the wonderful Vicki all the way from Tasmania.....I have been very good and have only done the obligatory little squeeze (that's my story anyway). Roll on Thursday!!!! Let the fun begin!

I don't know how Vicki fitted all these parcels in was full to the brim.
Second was my special Friends Swap pressie from the gorgeous Kate. I opened it to put the pressies under the tree you see but Kate had wrapped them so beautifully and some of the contents were visable (really) and so I have had the most delicious peek of what is to come....oooooooohhhhhhh!
so you could say that with all this generous 'Kringle Kindness' I am a very blessed girl.
Thank you Vicki and Kate so much.
Would you not be tempted?????
"Everything I do and say with Anyone makes a difference" -Gita Bellin
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. lol,Michelle i was noticing the diffence in santas chairs over the years,he now has a comfy big sofa,lol,love the pics of the kids and grandkids,that is a lovely idea to show them at this time of the year.Sad but life is too short sometimes,his life was taken to soon,it makes you stop and realize what is important in life.its life itself.
    Lovely pressies form the girls,well done

  2. I was sad to hear of Melody's friends news...
    love your Santa pictures.. this time of the year is so special for families...

  3. A charming and beautiful post and I echo everything you say. I have these photos of my children and grandchild too and I treasure them.

  4. Yay 2 more sleeps until you can dig into that box....Make sure number 6 goes under the tree!!!....Enjoy..x

  5. News like that does make you take stock of what is really important.
    Lovely santa pics of your 'treasures'. A little squishing is quite acceptable when secrecy needs to be maintained. lol

  6. O yes that is something special we I did when my kids were young having photo's taken with Santa's. I have some of my grand kids too. Have fun opening all those nice gifts....I bet there's some chocolate in there. Blessing Trish

  7. I treasure those pictures too sweetie, and was so sad to hear of Melody's friend's loss. It's not supposed to happen that way...we're not supposed to outlive our children.

    Lovely, lovely presents you got, you're going to have a lot of fun this Christmas..

  8. Lovely post Michelle. The Santa pictures are classics.

  9. Memories of things we have done over the years especially with our children are the things I hold most dear too.

    Now I'm getting the chance to do it all over again with Little P. I'm loving it.


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