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Friday, November 11, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

It's Friday which means it's time to visit the wonderful SHAY and see what "Favourites" abound this beautiful Friday morning. My Favourite has been done before but I am doing it again. It is the beautiful Jacaranda trees which are all in bloom in Brisbane at the moment. When we were away we visited Grafton which has a Jacaranda Festival at this time each year and they were in bloom everywhere. I am going to subject you to a bit of 'scribbling I did about my Jacaranda tree which was given to me by my Grandfather as a seedling in a jam tin when we bought this little block of dirt. He lived at Paddington an inner Brisbane suburb and they were every where. He had several on his huge block of land. Here goes.
"The Paddington Jacaranda Tree" by Michelle Ridgway
What greets me from my holiday is my Jacaranda tree all in flower,
It's magnificent amongst the greenery as petals softly drop in a gorgeous lavender shower.
I love this mauve carpet on my lawn it's such a sight to see and always please me.
It gladdens my heart, to watch tiny birds between the branches dart.
Delicately extracting the nectar from each and every lavender cup,
Little beaks disappearing into flowers as they sup.
Now! Some folks say "They make such a mess!!"
But not me as I sit amongst this pale mauve beauty.....I couldn't care less!
You see this beautiful tree was a gift from a loving family elder given in it's infancy.
He grew it from seed in an old jam tin from his very own tree.
So when it flowers in all it's glory I feel his presence very close to me.

This is a beautiful card designed by Chris Reilly called "Red Hill Jacaranda" and I couldn't resist buying it as I used to live here and it is very close to Paddington and I love this image.
A beautiful street in bloom in Grafton
Rotary Park in Grafton
Also I just had to add this other little favourite of my two Grandsons who are cousins and were having a playdate.

My Boys
Have a wonderful weekend,
Michelle xx


  1. The jacaranda's are so lovely... I have several around here... mostly in my neighbours garden but where I can enjoy them too.... they were very prevalent in Zimbabwe too so they seem very familiar to me... lovely 'scribbling'.... special memories

  2. I love Jacarandas & not just because of the purple flowers.:) Love your "scribbling". I would love my own Jacaranda but as i have several around me i get to enjoy them. Hugs,

  3. I love the Jacarandas too Michelle.. and your poem and story behind your tree is just wonderful. Love that card of the trees in Red Hill. Paddington is very beautiful at the moment with all it's splashes of purple. Great post xx

  4. I don't mind if you post pictures of jacarandas everyday. Love them. And yours is obviously very special.

  5. We don't have jacaranda's here , they are lovely and I loved your scribblings about your wonderful tree. hugs Sheila

  6. Michelle what a loving and touching post.ox

  7. What lovely trees. I don't know these trees. I got to see something new to me at my age. Thank you. Trish

  8. I love your sentiments about the Jacaranda tree. Living here in the U.S., I have never seen one, they are lovely and at first, reminded me of a lilac bush but I see the jacaranda's get much bigger. Very pretty!!

  9. You can never have enough pics of Jacaranda's, I just wish they flowered for a little longer, they are soooo pretty. Lovely post Michelle.

  10. I Love the Purple Carpet Lawn Too it's a Beautiful Show...
    Lovely Post.

  11. The jacaranda's look beautiful and the story behind your tree makes it very special. What a lovely memory to have attached to it. Love your 'scribbling' too.

  12. We do have Jacaranda's this far South but nothing like the beautiful displays I saw when I was in Brisbane.

    They are just so majestic and magnificent - and all that colour!

  13. The Jacarandas are just beautiful. I would just love to have some of those in my yard. What a sweet story about your grandfather. Sweet, sweet memories.

  14. I loved this post Michelle.. so special to have your grandfather's seedling and then your poem.. Our Jacaranda tree is still just getting it's leaves.. our season is so much cooler than yours I guess..

  15. ps. love the photos of your 'boys'.xx

  16. Hello Michelle,

    This would have to be my favourite tree as well. The day we got back from our honeymoon many years ago,my Mum gave us two of these trees. So this is why they are our favourite. Love your poem,maybe a stitchery pattern with the poem would be great.
    happy days.

  17. I loved your poem Michelle! Aren't they the best trees and I too love the purple carpet. Your photos are gorgeous and I especially like the last cute :-)


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