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Friday, November 25, 2011

Favourite things Friday with Shay.

More of my freind Cathy's "Seduction" roses
My 'Favourite' thing this Friday apart from the beauties above is a favourite with all us stitchers.......NEW FABRIC!!!!!!!!! This year I have made a concious effort to use what I had and I haven't done to badly either. The fact my 'non-quilting, fabric collecting friend decided to divest herself of her incredible stash into my sewing room and devote herself to her real passion...making gorgeous cards has assisted me in my purpose. HOWEVER! There comes a time when a girl just falls in love and no amount of good intentions or virtue will save her. And so it was with me when I decided to design and draw up another little "Bear" quilt that had been hammering away in my head for ages. I wanted something special in the way of fabric but nothing seemed right and then I discovered a new range by Fig Tree for Moda called "Butterscotch & Roses". I swear the earth moved. I haven't treated myself this way for quite a long while so I felt I was overdue. So I dived in, ordered and waited with baited breath........
It has finally arrived and it is gorgeous. The joy I felt tempted me to roll around in it on the floor and run through the house with the glorious strips streaming out behind me. But you will be pleased to know I resisted this temptation but only just.
I am really looking forward to stitching my new little 'furry' girls in the New Year and using this fabric and I think I way include some lovely "Cottage Garden Threads" in the stitching.
Yum! Yum!
and more Yum!
I think this little 'furry' girl is going to love be surrounded by all this gorgeousness!
Visit the witty and wonderful SHAY to see what other 'Favourites' are about.
Finally I would like to ask you all a little question and you can feel free to ignore me and not answer. It's kind of a little survey about the new trendy catch word "Branding" and I just wondered if you thought my designs were recognisable as mine straight I have a distinct style you know as me when you see it or do you have to look to see who designed it. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum and never really followed trends. Just done what ever took my fancy. I thought that was a good thing. So I thought I would ask you my lovely followers what you think?????????? Just interested that's all.
Another of Paul Wilson's lovely quotes:
"Make someone else's Day"
"There is no better way to enrich your own life than to help someone else enrich theirs. Be generous - for the pleasure of it."
Have a great weekend everyone no matter what you're doing - ENJOY!
Blessings Michelle x


  1. that fabric is yumm. I wanted to get it but chose Ruby instead. :) Can't wait to see what you make with it. The bear looks so cute. Hugs,

  2. oh wow.... beaut fabrics... you will have so much fun and the little sneak peak bear looks very cute..... I do think your style is your own... I have picked up a few magazines and see a picture and known it was your design before I looked at the name ....

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I love love that range of fabric..Your little teddy should feel quite at home with it..
    I think that you have your own style.. like Fiona, I can recognize your designs immediately without reading who had designed them..xx

  4. Oh this project is going to be spectacular with those gorgeous fabrics ,wow ! As for your style I would say it is all your own and very recognizable and I love it!

  5. Ooo can't wait to furry girl... :)

  6. Oh forgot to say... yes I can recognise your designs as yours immediately! :)

  7. lol,i just had visions of you flying around.Yes i can pick your style even in the mags i pick out that you have made them before i check and i am always right,so far,lol.

  8. Your new fabrics are beautiful and the bear peaking over is just gorgeous. I think I can recognise your designs and I love them. I love the sayings in the last two post too.

  9. Gorgeous fabric and lovely plans. Good to have something special to look forward to.

  10. Oh that fabric is YUMM indeed Michelle, I look forward to seeing that cute little girl bear in another of your lovely designs, and yes I also recognize your style. Hugs R.

  11. I can see why you fell in love and the fabrics would suit a teddy theme perfectly! They are gorgeous. I have recognised a few of your designs in magazines before seeing your name. I haven't thought of it as a bad thing though?

  12. G'day Michelle. That is beautiful fabric. Your little bear is gorgeous. I too have been able to pick out some of your designs. Take care. Liz...

  13. I love Butterscotch and Roses, I held out for a long time (budget not so good!) then I saw it in a sale with 45% Off I just had to have it, budget or no budget. I got the FQ set and it's even better in real life (I wanted to roll around in it too!) Don't know what I am going to do with it... can't bring myself to cut into it just yet... LOL. I have seen some of your designs around and thought they were yours before I saw who the designer was. Linda

  14. I think that's a quite normal reaction for getting new fabric that is extra delicious. Fig Tree does have beautiful colours & designs. It will make a beautiful furry quilt. Most of the time I can tell your designs but have to check when it comes to bears as you are in good company doing those furry stitcheries. Follow your heart, it's working beautifully so far. Tracee xx

  15. ooooooh new fabric! I can so relate to your desire to roll around in it - I'm also that mad about fabric LOL...
    Great FTF.
    Good luck with your branding question. I can't really be much help because I don't know your work all that well (sorry) except to say that from a marketing perspective I think consistency of style & design elements is really important to branding. Sounds like you have it going on from the previous comments .
    Good luck with it! :)

  16. Yummy fabric is definitely a fabulous favourite! ☺ I've been using what's in my stash...and it's difficult to not purchase new. LOL Your designs are beautiful and distinctly yours.

    Happy FTF! ☺

  17. Your style is your own... keep with your own beat. Lovely fabric..what will you make with it. Blessing Trish

  18. Oooh la la Michelle. Love those new fabrics and I've been on a bit of a roll myself lately .

    I think your style is eminently recognisable as yours . Whimsical and cute!

  19. What yummy fabrics. I am looking forward to seeing what you are going to make. I love your designs and I think you have a style of your own. Please do not change a thing. There is so much cuteness in your designs.

  20. Gorgeous fabric. It's good to treat yourself every bit or so.

  21. Hi Michelle - I follow your designs in the mags (and buy your patterns)because your style is my style and make many of your designs -Ifeel you have your own style and always recognise it.

  22. There is nothing like a little retail therapy and indulging in one's passion :-) I am not a quilter so can't say about your style but it seems from everyones comments that you are well recognised.

  23. Hello Michelle,

    Love that rose,have a couple in the garden. I wish you luck with your latest project, teddy looks so damn cute I just want to cuddle him. The "Michelle" branding is A1,I have a few magazines that are from pre-blogging days that have your projects in and now I can say I know you!!! Keep up the great work.
    Happy days.


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