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Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to Monday.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I hope all of my East coast US friends are safe and have seen the worst of the terrible storms.
It was such a glorious day here yesterday I have hope that Spring is not too far away now.
Block 5  "My Country Garden"
Hubby and I went to see the Australian Movie "Red Dog" which is a true story about an amazing Red kelpie in the 1970's in Dampier W.A. We loved it. But being a dog lover of unlimited passion of course I had  many  huge big wet tissue moments throughout the movie(so did hubby ssshh!) We also loved the Aussie humour in it and the music was great. I can't say I came out rejoicing but I loved that some one took the time to  write about and honour this amazing furry four legged Aussie and that dogs quite often teach so much about life and how to be loyal and are so much more than just "Pets". So if you are a dog lover you will love it. If your not a dog lover..I feel sorry for you!
I did get some stitching done on "country garden" and I am at the half way mark now. Yippee!
My porrige and coffee awaits. Enjoy your day everyone.

"A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than it loves himself" - Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw)
Blesssings Michelle xx


  1. My neighbour took her children to see Red Dog and she said they all loved it. They have three dogs. Dogs certainly are wonderful creatures. I love your 'Country Garden' stitchery

  2. Hello Michelle,

    It is good to hear a great review about the movie Red Dog, it seems to be a movie they say you can go back and watch again. They had the vet who looked after the dog on the news the other night, he said they couldn't have got the ending any better and true to life.
    Loveing your stitching.
    Happy Monday.

  3. Haven't seen the movie.... we grew up on Jock of the Bushveld.... a south african story about a dog... probably in the same vein and tissues needed there too.... your stitchery is lovely... is that one of your designs?

  4. Here they have put on extra screenings Red Dog has been such a hit. Haven't seen it yet. This series of stitcheries are just gorgeous. This one is no exception.

  5. I am hoping to see that film in the next week. It's good to read what you thought about it. I'll take the tissues!!
    That's a lovely garden block, too.

  6. Hi Michelle, I have only just heard about Red Dog... bit worried about the teary bits! I'm bad enough already!!
    Love your garden

  7. I want to see that movie too. Mum heard all about the dog for real when they were in WA. He's quite famous over there! Love your stitchery too Michelle~ How nice was the weather today??? xx

  8. I must watch for that movie, I love dogs , always have and I agree they give so much to your life and do teach you lessons if you take the time to listen. Love the stitchery as always great work.

  9. I cannot watch animal movies - I cry way too much - can't read dog books anymore either. There's not a big enough box of tissues anywhere, lol! Love your block!

  10. Like Allie, I cant watch animal movies either. I saw Marley and Me and it took me years to recover. I plead guilty to the animal lover thing every single time.

    The stitchery is as gorgeous as I thought it would be . You have some talent girl!

  11. Love the stitchery. I'm wanting to see Red Dog. I'll wait for the dvd though. Thanks for the warning about the tears. :) I used to love watching Lassie movies. Hugs,

  12. Hi Michelle, my Husband and I saw "Red Dog" recently we loved it too, we had seen his statue and heard the story when in Dampier a couple of years back. I must say though we thought we would have to get out of the theatre before the lights went on, but everyone else was sniffling and coughing also. your garden stitchery is lovely. Cheers R.

  13. Hi Michelle, I really do think we are kindred spirits as you were writing this doggy post around the time I was writing my Tuesday Treasures doggy post. So often Rosalie (Briar Rose), Liz (elliek) and I reflect on how you seem like an old friend and how well you would fit in our sewing group. I haven't seen Red Dog as I know I would enjoy it but it would make me too sad as well. I think Bambi must have really scarred me as a child as I'm like that with all animal films. When I took my grandson Wil to a children's film, Hotel for Dogs, I cried for about half the film. I'm very silly sometimes.


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