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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Today I am sharing my love for the smell of 'lavender'. I adore it. It transports me to a beautiful place. I also love looking at it in gardens, love laender candles and aromatherapy melts, love stitching it, love having creamy lotions, love recieving beautiful cards featuring lavender, love having a cup of tea and a bikkie out of my beautiful lavender mug.....I even have a very BAD hat and lovely socks. I bought these when we visited "Bridestowe' lavender farm in Tasmania a few years back. I just get the 'look' when I put my cute little hat on. I know I have posted about that place before....but I was truly in heaven! The smell was devine! Another four weeks later and we would have missed it as it would have been harvested.
So my Treasure this Tuesday is the humble but magnificent "Lavender" plant.
Loads of Lavender Treasures
Me in Lavender Heaven at Bridestowe Lavender Farm Tasmania
Tea tastes so nice in my Lavender mug
A spot of Lavender stitching
Visit MELODY'S wonderful blog to see what other Treasure abounds today.
"A Smile but lingers on the lips for a moment but stays in the recipients heart for a great deal longer"
Smile at some one today.
Blessings Michelle


  1. What a brilliant treasure you have chosen this week. I adore lavender too. Even the foliage smells beautiful if you brush against it. Your lavender jug stitchery is delightful. Thanks for playing along this week.

  2. A lovely plant to treasure... lavender is a favourite of mine too... and I have lots of it in the garden....

  3. Hello Michelle,

    Isn't that place divine. I still have my purple shirt from them. I have posted about lavender today too. Love your lavender stitchery.
    Happy days Michelle.

  4. Mmmmm lavender, its such a great smell. Lovely post Michelle.


  5. Just the mention of it brings up the scent of lavender in my senses. Mmmm....

  6. Lovely stitchery Michelle. There is lots to love about lavender. Have you been to the lavender farm at Mt Alford. They have a lovely restaurant and a vineyard as well.

  7. What a beautiful treasure.
    You know I have never really given it a lot of thought but I love lavender as well. I always comment on how gorgeous it smells and if I think about it more, I too have a lot of candles and oils and lotions.
    A friend of mine used to own a lavender farm and she would make lavender shortbread - oh what fabulous memories. Thank you :-)

  8. I love Lavender too and would have it all over my garden if it wasn't for the fact it attracts bees.It's such a calming scent.

    Your lavender stitchery is gorgeous!

  9. I am so with you Michelle, there is something special about lavender..xx

  10. Smiling at you Michelle! I can't imagine any one not loving lavender, even the word sounds quaint & pretty. I will have to put that lavender farm on my to visit list & try & go at the right time of year. Tracee xx

  11. I love the 'lavender' and creamy a massage. Trish

  12. I love lavender too. Love your lavender treasures. Hugs

  13. I love lavender too - the smell just puts me in a happy place immediately! Your mug is gorgeous!

  14. I love Lavender to, I think we all have a bush in our gardens. Your treasures are lovely, I especially loved your stitched cushion.

  15. I share your love of all things lavender too Michelle. Have you been to the Lavender shop up on Tamborine Mtn?... I love it there and always walk out with at least one packet of lavender lollies. In Melbourne we had Lavender tea and lavender scones...mmmm.... delicious. The smell always transports me to somewhere beautiful as well. Great photos xx


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