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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

As long as I can remember I have loved Beatrix Potter. Poured over books in the Library about her home at the farm and her studio at Hilltop, books about her artwork. I adore all her drawings....I can but dream. So when I had children I couldn't wait to introduce them to Peter and all her other characters. My daughter was smitten with the stories and as my Mum went on a holiday to England 7 days after she was born she bought back all the missing books in our collection of which there were quite a few. I had bought the little bookcase in which they all reside and still do. It's a little bit well loved but still intact with it's treasure.
My daughters favourite story was "The Tale of Two Bad Mice" with naughty "Hunca Munca". I've lost count of the number of times I read that book. My son didn't like them quite so much because being the gentle soul he was and still is he was always frightened for Peter in Mr Macgregors garden and hated that Peters father ended up in a pie.
My Mum bought them each an egg cup on her next visit to the UK and the Peter Rabbit Mug I bought for my Grandson. When he was born I made him a quilt from all the gorgeous Beatrix Potter fabric available.
So today I am treasuring the wonderful talents of Beatrix Potter and her little books and fabulous art all of which have given me enormus joy.
Visit MELODY to see what others are treasures are being shared.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Today's treasures certainly carried me way back to my childhood. I used to love having these books read to me. I love seeing your collection, especially in the lovely bookcase.
    Love the quilt, too!

  2. What a fantastic post... love the books and wow that they are still in such good condition... ready for the great grandies maybe hehehe xxx

  3. Favourite stories of mine too....
    and lovely pictures... I love the quilt you have made... I have managed a softie book... haha....

  4. I certainly agree 100%. I had Beatrix Potter and her wonderful stories as my Tuesday Treasure one week too.
    A really beautiful quilt too.

  5. i love these books also and i love your story,you could write a book Michelle as you always have interesting stories to tell.

  6. Love those books. My youngest was given a boxed set & they are well loved too. :) Gorgeous little quilt. Happy Stitching,

  7. Beatrix Potter is timeless and oh so entertaining for young and old alike. Love your little bookcase full!

  8. I also loved those books and I had the complete collection but gave them to one of my grandchildren . I also have those egg cups , oh just one now as I also gave one to my granddaughter . The quilt is so pretty a rea treasure !

  9. That is really a treasure. I love Beatrix Potter stories and magnificent illustrations. you're so lucky to have those books.
    Don't miss my giveaway.

  10. That is a lovely collection, I too love all things Beatrix!

  11. I adore Beatrix Potter too. Miss P had a collection of stories when she was small too.

    Like your son , I didn't like the story about Peter's Dad ending up in a pie either!

    You've just reminded me I have a Beatrix Potter quilt cover hanging about here somewhere that I found when op shopping...must find that and do something with it!

  12. I so agree Michelle with Beatrix Potter being a treasure.. So many of those old authors were fascinating to me as a child, they sure could write the most amazing stories.. Your quilt is gorgeous..


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