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Friday, August 12, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Did any one see which way the week went?? Crikey! It's Friday again! The great thing about Friday is SHAYS 'favourite thing Friday'. I wanted to share with you this week one of my 'favourite' pastimes and that is embroidery....I LOVE a good 'bullion stitch'. Now you may say...not very exciting! Well to me it is. When I was growing up and at High School I had the worst most soul destroying teacher for Sewing. I can still recall her cold hard stares that told you that you were a 1st class moron. She even said those words to you if you displeased her enough. I hated sewing and couldn't seem to do a thing right in her eyes. Now the fact that stitching and sewing are a huge part of my life (and some would say I don't do a bad job) is no thanks to her. But I must confess to a naughty sense of satisfaction when I think of her sometimes!
my crazy patch blocks
more blocks....a work in progress
I would relay these tales of misery to my Grandmother when I visited her and she would tsk, tsk, and say "terrible woman" and at the same time produce a little embroidery doiley for me to work on while she comisserated with me.....quietly encouraging and saying "just turn your needle a little this way" or "turn your work around. That's it!" she would say. So unbeknowns to me I was being taught embroidery with love and patience while I thought aren't I lucky to have a Nanna who agrees with me about Miss *#! My love for embroidery grew from these special moments and I consider I was taught by the 'best'. So this is why embroidery is one of my "Favourite Things" to do. I have given a lot of my embroidery away but I have a couple of pieces to show you. The last is a crazy patch quilt that is a 'long term' project I am working on.

The front of my gorgeous stocking...did I tell you I love a snowman!
The back is gorgeous toooo!!
Closeup of gorgeous Mr Frosty
Beautiful card and gorgeous wrapped pressies for Christmas
My other favourite thing this Friday is not a thing but actually a wonderful person called MELODY who was my swap partner in a special friends swap and she made me the most gorgeous stocking and I promised I would show you some pics....she has put pressies inside beautifully wrapped but I must wait until Christmas. "torture!" So thank you once again Melody...can't wait to hang it up for Santa!
Enjoy your weekend,
Blessings Michelle


  1. Your stitching is beautiful. That would be two fingers up to your old sewing teacher and major kudos to your Nanna. My sewing teacher wasn't too bad but I hated how she would make you pick out your stitching if you hadn't checked a step with her - even if what you did was exactly right!

  2. Oh those crazy patch squares are to die for!!!
    Clever you. I'm almost inspired to try one but
    I know I'd never see it through.
    As a retired teacher I cringe when I hear these teacher stories. Hope you had some good ones to make up for it.

  3. A great post Michelle... love all the wonderful stitching and the story... if only Miss ** could see you now xxx

  4. What a wonderful must feel really special.
    I love your stitchery. I used to do a lot of stitchery, but lately I simply don´t have enough time...You are doing great cause your stitchery looks awesome.

  5. You are a woman after my own heart.... embroidery, love it.... I find it so relaxing which friends find very strange. Love the stockings too.


  6. Its amazing how many girls have had terrible sewing teachers. I really liked mine even though nobody else did, I use to get good marks in sewing though. Your work is lovely

  7. Your work is lovely! So glad you had a grandmother who knew more about teaching than some teachers ever will. Stopping in from Shay's FTF.

  8. The best answer to someone who says "You can't" is "Watch Me!" You have done your grandmother proud.

  9. Your crazy patch blocks are absolutely beautiful Michelle as is the rest of your embroidery. You sure do have creative talent.

    I'd say the problem wasn't you at school but that awful teacher!

  10. I had a nice sewing teacher at school but an absolute dragon for a textile tutor at teachers college. She single handedly turned me off any textile art for years.
    I love your embroidery and isn't it wonderful that your Nanna helped encourage you in to a love of sewing.
    Melody's stocking is gorgeous and love the snowman.

  11. Oh to be able to sew a bullion rose. Lots of people tell me they are easy but I have brain freeze about them. One day I will overcome my fears and "Just do it".Your embroidery is beautiful.

  12. Your crazy patch is going to be a fabulous quilt. I could not wait to open those presents. Christmas is so far away!

  13. I love your crazy blocks Michelle. They are beautiful. Love your embroidery too. Especially the crinoline lady. Happy Stitching,

  14. Thank heavens for Nanas.
    Those crazy patch blocks are beautiful!

  15. Lots of happy stitching time here - too bad that generation of 'Miss' didn't get that we will stitch anyway!
    Lovely embroideries you have there to enjoy for always embedded with memories of Nanna.
    Lucky you - that stocking is gorgeous and I agree Snowmen are the best.

    Enjoy your stitching.

  16. Hello Michelle,

    Maybe Miss knew you were going to be so much better than her. Thankfully your Grandmother new best and helped you along. Love Melody's stocking,enjoy.
    Happy days.

  17. Hello Michelle, I´ve discovered your blog and I´ve enjoyed all your entrances. I love your job and your Teddy bears. I´m your new follower from Tenerife in Spain. I invite you to my poor blog. See you soon...
    I´m your new follower.

  18. Oh Michelle I love your crazy patch blocks , wow and wow some more , you have made the most beautiful blocks and you should be in the RR I am currently taking part in my poor block looks pretty pale in comparison . So special that you had a grandmother who took the time to show you how to embroider and if your work is testament then yes you learned from the best !
    Your stocking from Melody is gorgeous but I wouldn't expect anything less from such a talented lady. Enjoy your day .
    hugs Sheila

  19. Your embroideries are beautiful, and it's thanks to your grandmother that you succeeded, what a wonderful woman!
    Some people just shouldn't teach, sadly. Success is the best revenge, they say.
    Your stocking is just gorgeous- Melody is such a talented crafter.

  20. Michelle, you hear so many stories about sewing teachers of the past.. I so hope they are not like that now..Just criminal to think of how many girls may have been put off sewing because of their poor teaching methods..
    You are awesome.. I just love the crazy patch blocks.. Melody is a treasure...

  21. Your stitching is so beautiful and so are your design skills. I loved making your Christmas stocking and am so glad you liked it. I've met some wonderful people through blogging and you are certainly right up there at the top of the list. Hugs

  22. One word...Fabulous! Everything!
    xx, shell


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