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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shopping and a Movie!

New Jim jams!
A trio of indulgence for another day
This colour made me feel happy and that Spring was surely just down the road!
Yesterday I decided to take myself out on a date. So I went to the movies to see "Jane Eyre" which I have never seen on the screen. No one I knew was all that keen to go so I thought I'll take myself (I often take myself..I'm quite a fun date). I really loved it and my enjoyment was not diminished seeing it alone. I didn't want to drag someone along and then we worried the whole time that they were hating it. So after Michelle and I had a lovely coffee after the movie we set about spending the lovely gift vouchers given to me by my Mum and family for my recent birthday...Now I am an advocate for reusing, recycling and limited consumerism but by golly I still enjoy a little spendathon from time to time.
I bought some yummy new Jim Jams  (I now have to decide which old favs are getting the chop) and a gorgeous bright coral scarf and even found some earrings to match....I do love to match! LOL! I then proceeded to buy a book called "The Goodbye Quilt" by Susan Wiggs (never read her before) and a Julia Roberts DVD "Mona Lisa Smile" (will be watching it alone I should imagine) and I had $2 left what's a book and DVD with out a bargain 3 bar "Timeout". I will try hard not to demolish it straight away!
I finished off by doing a little Christmas swap pressie buying...sssshhhh! (No pictures)
So thanks for the instant cash everyone I put it to good use.
I really enjoyed my date I'm good company! LOL!
"You may as well get to know and like yourself as you spend so much time alone together"
Michelle xx


  1. Hi Michelle, good on you, sounds like you had a fun time. Cheers Kaylee

  2. Hi Michelle,I have just read "The Goodbye Quilt and it's quite a good read. You even get a quilt pattern out of it but I'm not sure I'd be making it. Enjoy reading with the Time Out!

  3. I am very happy to take myself off to the pictures too. You used your vouchers for some lovely things, the scarf is particularly beautiful.

  4. Sounds lovely... good to have a relax and date with yourself occasionally.....

  5. I would have loved to go to see Jane Eyre with you . I am waiting to get to see it. My boys just get a sniff of a period drama and they are heading for the hills. I will probably have to go on my own too. Better to go on your own than miss out I say!
    Glad you spoiled yourself with your goodies.

  6. I Love time out by Myself too but never thought of a Movie must keep that in Mind...
    Love the colour of your New Scarf...Gorgeous.
    Glad you had a Nice

  7. You sound like you were very good company for yourself. Lovely idea! Sometimes it even makes the brain work properly! The colour of your scarf is gorgeous.

  8. Fun post and yes we need to enjoy being with ourselves we do spend the most time there ;-)Lovely scarf and matching earrings ,you know how to shop.

  9. Hello Michelle,

    Treating yourself to a great day out is so much fun. I saw that book you bought was in the latest Dymocks catalogue, it will be interesting to see what you think of it.
    Happy days.

  10. Well good for you, girl - I like doing this too, it's fun to amuse yourself without worrying about anyone else! Love your new things!

  11. I would have come with you Michelle. Nobody I know wants to see that movie and I'll probably wait till it comes out on DVD. Im glad you and Michelle had a good time.

    Not surprisingly Pyjama shopping gives me a particular thrill...


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