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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ekka Holiday and some Stitching.

Well it's our Royal show day holiday today for Brisbane and as we live on the outskirts our area had a holiday on Monday as well. Now we fall into 2 categories either love the "Ekka" or you hate it. I fall into the 2nd category as I dislike crowds it isn't for me. My Husband always took our children as it doesn't set a very good example to the 'billy lids' when the Mother is losing the plot at every turn and children don't like have bruises on their hands or losing the feeling in their arms where the 'crazy' Mother is gripping them like a seized up vice in case they get lost or decide to wander off. They preferred Dad anyway as No was seldom in his vocabulary when it came to buying 'sample bags'. So it suited everyone!
So needless to say I didn't go this year either! I did however finish another "Country Garden" block and a Christmas pressie (just a sneak peek). I also am still in Christmas 'drawing' mode....thought I was finished but nope there is still some left to get down on paper. The butterflies and flowers still won't come...instead it's still Christmas all the way!!!
Block 4 "My Country Garden" quilt
A sneaky peek !!
Blessings Michelle


  1. Love your embroideries Michelle. I went to the Ekka today with the kids & i hate crowds. Told my daughter if next i suggest going please shoot me. Hugs

  2. Two lovely pieces of stitching. As always your work is beautiful.

  3. i have never been to a big show only our little local one.
    You are a tease Michelle giving us just a peek, enough to be wanting to see more,lol

  4. LOL U Crack me Up!!
    I'm with You rather stay home & stitch...
    Lovely Blocks...the Chrissie one is Cute.
    talk soon

  5. Beautiful stitching... I did have a good look at those roses..... and Christmas reds look lovely....
    I'm not a big show person... though I did go to the Ekka ONCE - bit of a trek for us... and I thoroughly enjoyed the day... but I didn't go with littlies and Hubz was behaving that day...

  6. Your new block is really gorgeous! The christmas sneak peek is cute too.
    I don't enjoy the Royal show here much anymore, it is just so commercial. When the boys were little we used to go often. I think Hubby and I loved all the animals more than the kids lol.We would catch up with friends that showed dogs and cattle.

  7. I don't like our royal show either (I'd much rather spend a couple of hundred bucks on fabric)

    On the up side I think you had more fun stitching than "showing" anyway! Lovely!

  8. I hate crowds too Michelle... went to our little local show once, and didn't like it at all..
    You are so clever with your designs..

  9. Ohhh... you are B-a-D !
    I love the chrissy embroidery though! Can't wait to see MoRe!

  10. No clue what an Ekka is but I don't like crowds either! Your stitcheries are AWESOME!!!


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