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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Miracle of Yoga.

Well I am back and as promised feeling much more like my 'unwhingey' self. The miracle of a session of Yoga and meditation never ceases to amaze me. I just thought I would reassure all of you that read my 'moaning Myrtle' impersonation this morning that I left her out at Jimboomba somewhere and good riddance!
Abundant Avacados on one of the many trees. These ones are round I can't remember their name but they are oh so creamy and delicious.
My 'Harvest' in my obligatory bag.
The beautiful view from the room where we practise our Yoga every fortnight. Could have something to do with the improvement of my disposition this afternoon.
Our lovely friend Sam offers her gorgeous home for our Yoga every 2nd week. With our other lovely friend Cathy having it the other week. Both girls live on acreage in lovely bushland settings...we are so lucky. Sam is such a generous soul and she has amazing avocado trees and it is a ritual that when there is fruit on the avo trees after class we are each given a bag and 'told' we are not leaving or getting a cuppa until we fill our bags (of course we all complain terribly) with 4 different varieties of avocados. So we all march up to the grove and do as we are told. It's wonderful to wander up there chatting and laughing and picking the avocados straight from the trees. No bugs, no sprays....what a blessing it is.
So today I have bought home my bag of heavenly home grown avos. Just have to will them into ripeness so I can enjoy them on crunchy toasted Rye bread with salt and pepper...Yum!
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Hey Michelle! While glas your yoga session has made you feel cheerier, I have to agree with you about the icky weather we've had for the last few months, with a few days' exception. SIGH! I really am a summer gal and tell people I'm solar-powered, so when there's no warm sunny QLD weather around, I start to wilt ... or hibernate! :0) Am rather jealous of your friend MAKING you take the avos home - YUMMO! None of you should have cholesterol problems! :0) Oh ... a ripening trick ... wrap the avos in newspaper ... keep checking on them each day so they don't over-ripen. Something in the ink speeds ripening ... apprently! :0) My Grandma swears by it and it works for mangoes too. ENJOY! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. lovely post Michelle i havent done yoya but i hear it is good for you.

  3. Lucky you to have a lovely place such as your friends to take a little yoga break . I had no idea there are more than one kind of avocado's interesting , blogging is wonderful I learn something new everyday . Enjoy both your yoga and your avocados :-) hugs

  4. I think the view would do me as much good as the yoga session! It looks so peaceful and serene.

    Glad you're feeling much more centred. We all have days like the one you described. It's Ok to have a moan every now and then.

  5. I love a little squeeze of lemon juice on my avocado toast too. (plus the salt and pepper)
    glad you are back to feeling relaxed.

  6. How lovely to have such a beautiful place to do your yoga & the bonus of fresh home grown avocado's as well. Yumm !!!!. Happy Stitching,

  7. Glad you are rejuvenated... a great stretch is good for us all.... enjoy your Avo's... yummo....

  8. Our oranges are to die for this year... not lucky enough to have avocados!! My daughter and I have a Christmas/special time tradition of guacamole and corn chips using avacado...yum

  9. You are so lucky. We tried to grow avacado trees her and it died. I just love guacamole.

  10. So glad you are feeling better! What a glorious place!


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